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Marie Louise Coleiro Preca accepts nomination for President

Family minister Marie Louise Coleiro Preca accepts Prime Minister's offer to become President.

3 March 2014, 12:00am

Social Policy Minister Marie Louise Coleiro Preca has accepted a nomination by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, to be the ninth President of the Republic of Malta. She will be the second female president and the sixth nominee emerging from the Labour Party since Malta became a Republic in 1974. The prime minister was seriously considering one other possible candidate apart from Coleiro Preca: Maria Camilleri, a former backbencher and a well known confidante of the former

Muscat had decided on Coleiro Preca back in December of last year.

Coleiro Preca was initially reluctant to resign from her post as Social Policy Minister. Many of her political canvassers have expressed dismay at the decision.

The decision is expected to be criticised by the Nationalist Party, who will take umbrage at the choice of a Labour personality. There may also references to Coleiro Preca’s political background, when she started off as secretary general of the Labour party in the turbulent 80s. However Coleiro holds the highest rating for all ministers in the Muscat Cabinet, and is even more popular than Muscat himself. She is also highly respected by Nationalist voters.

On the other hand, Labour Party insiders are expected to assess her choice as an attempt by Muscat to position the party more to the centre. Yet sources in Castille have told MaltaToday that Muscat’s decision was driven by his obsession choosing a woman for the post, and someone who has a sincere appreciation of social issues.

Maria Camilleri would have been a natural choice for Muscat, but she would come with political baggage, and would have made the prime minister vulnerable to an onslaught from the Opposition. Camilleri was also a candidate for the MEP elections on the Labour ticket in 2009. She is the head of the the Mariam al-Batool Islamic School in Paola.

Camilleri is the prime minister’s special envoy to Arab countries, however she turned down the €34,000 salary for envoys because she felt the money could be used to help people who really need it. Other special envoys who did not refuse the remuneration include popular notary Alex Scibberas Trigona and entrepreneur and hotelier Joseph Zammit Tabone, who surprisingly accepted the post of envoy for business promotion.




Hi Alfred Fallon number 6 , I am really upset because you are so disappointed ,you had been feeling and wished that your majority loser dr gonzi to be appointed as president of Malta ,for sure you had been never vote labour ,so please do make laugh !,,
She was a kind and 24 hour working minister,she will surely be a great and ambitious president to all of us in malta and gozo .We certainly will have a good honest president like the previous one.well done minister M'louise preca coliero and all the best in your future presidency .
Alfred Vanhear
A great loss for Labour. A big gaffe from JM. The Presidency has been turned into a charitable institution. JM, you crossed the line and you will not be getting my vote in the next MEP elections. Rest assured I am a proud Qormi Labourite. Did you strike a deal to make way for someone from M'Scala to contest on our district? If you did, you will be disappointed.
Veru li se nitifu Ministru li ftit rajna bhala. Persuna ta qalb tat-deheb u tara kif taghmel biex tagevola l-batut. Ma setghax ikun mod iehor ghax dejjem fghejet qalb il-popolin li thobbu bhal ma habba hu. Bhali hafna xtaqu li Marie Louise kienet tista izzomm il-Ministeru li ghanda kif ukoll il- Presidenzza ta Malta imma dan ma jistax ikun. Biss certi li bhal ma uriet is-serjeta, bzulija, rettezza ghqal u Onesta f'din is-sena li ghaddiet se turi li-stess attributi fil-kariga gdida gdida li se tigi afdata f'ida. Bhal hafna ohrajn nawgurala li tkun President li l-Maltin kollha jkunu kburin biha ghax cert li se tkun ta gieh gghal Malta taghna
Nixtieq naghti prosit lil Ministru Coleiro Preca ghal din il-hatra, li ghandha sservi sabiex ikompli x-xoghol siewi fil-qasam tal-morda, il-fora u l-baghtuti. Din il-hatra hija fl-interess ta' Malta u GHawdex kollu u m'ghandiex tittiehed bhala xi nuqqas ta' rispett lejn il-kostitwenti. Ghandna nkunu maturi u napprezzaw li din hija decizjoni mportanti ghall-pajjiz kollu.
Anthony Demanuele
So why did she accept this post 'reluctantly ' ,as if that is the case why not simply decline the offer!In one fell swoop Muscat had got rid of a future serious challenger to his leadership and satisfied the EU gender-equality quota demands for females to be given more high office appointments .Finally ,what sense of purpose does the office of President actually serve ?As it is chiefly a ceremonial position with no effective ,meaningful or influential powers .
alfred aquilina
While congratulating Mary Louise Coleiro with all my heart, I cannot but state, however, that it is a big blunder for the Labour Party. We are undoubtedly loosing the best minister we've had in this legislature. No bluff or poses she just does her job. Thank you for the work you've done so far and may God be with you in your new job.
Malcolm Mifsud
Hearty congratulations to our new president. She deserves the honour although we are losing one of the best socialist ministers who truly cared for the poor and underprivileged. Let us hope that in her presidential role she can continue and expand on the outstanding work and projects for the community which the departing president created.
Christina Barbara
@falzonalfred.......second president in succession from Qormi and Qormi has been let down ?? Are you serious ?? There is no pleasing people these days apparently.
Roderick Spiteri
What about Maria Camilleri or the ex lady speaker, they are good candidates too.
George Muscat
Although I wanted to have a chance of choosing my own President, I still wish you Good Luck, and may God help you in your new Job.
Alfred Vanhear
A great loss for Labour and for Qormi. Qormi has been let down and this will reflect in the next MEP elections.