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[WATCH] Farewell to Simon: PN toasts leader as he rails against ‘populist Labour’
National 15-09

At the party’s general convention, Simon Busuttil said the legacy he wished to leave behind was that of ...
[WATCH] €150 million plant to be opened by 2023: location still unknown
National 15-09

The waste-to-energy plant, to be completed by 2023, will incinerate non-recyclable materials and withdraw elec...
Government sets up national blockchain strategy taskforce
National 15-09

Taskforce will advise government on roadmap towards implementing a national blockchain strategy which remains ...
Adrian Delia: ‘limited assurance engagement’ shows €1.6 million net worth
National 15-09

PN leadership hopeful Adrian Delia has presented an audit of his assets and liabilities, saying that if e...
Transfer of LSAs leads to trade dispute at Zabbar’s kindergarten
National 15-09

The Malta Union of Teachers has accused the Secretariat for Catholic Education of hiding its mismanagement iss...
72% of pre-primary education pupils enrolled in state schools
National 15-09

9,269 children attend pre-primary education whilst 4,037 toddlers were enrolled in formal childcare
[WATCH] Delia’s publication of tax returns on election eve ‘too little too late’ says Said
National 15-09

Combative Chris Said says Adrian Delia lacked transparency on tax returns and how he plans to assume parliamen...
Heated leadership debate sees Said challenge Delia to reveal ‘establishment names’
National 14-09

Viewers tuned in to NET TV’s final debate between Adrian Delia and Chris Said in the hope of learning mo...
Small twin prop plane crashes during landing at MIA
National 14-09

No one was hurt when a flight academy small aircraft crashed on landing
Catholic youths agree with discussion on abortion, 'if spoken in the light of truth'
National 14-09

'Life should be protected from conception to natural death', Catholic youths say following a session o...
Social justice, integration 'priority' for non executive EU presidents convened in Malta
National 14-09

The President said social justice, integration and inclusion should be prioritised during the largest ever Arr...
Delia to publish declaration of assets and liabilities tomorrow
National 14-09

The leadership contender said that the audited documentation would give a final value for his net worth, takin...
Israeli specialists to advise on water treatment plan - Mizzi
National 14-09

Energy Minister Joe Mizzi, who was addressing the media at the Cumnija water polishing plant in Mellieha, said...
Civil servant charged with defiling infant children has been suspended from work
National 14-09

33-year-old dad pleading not guilty with his wife to charges of corruption of minors after producing indecent ...
PN leadership election: As Delia’s grassroots support grows, Said secures even more public endorsements
National 14-09

In support of Chris Said, the party 'needs someone at the helm who can navigate through the storms ahead&#...