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[WATCH] Last chance to exchange these Malta Lira notes
National 09-11

Have you seen any of these Maltese Lira notes around? Well, the last chance to exchange them to euro is Januar...
[WATCH] Paradise Papers | ‘Malta tax critics are OK with weapons sales’, says junior minister
National 09-11

Silvio Schembri hits out at EU member states who attack Malta's tax system as 'immoral' but have n...
Foster parents kept away by a system where kids are not yet at its heart
National 09-11

Social worker Daniella Zerafa says before children are taken out of home care, the biological family are given...
Muscat emphasises cross-region cooperation during EU-Arab World Summit
National 09-11

The Prime Minister highlighted the need to invest in young people and to strengthen both regions’ digita...
Maltese professor implicated in scandal 'disappeared', reports CNN
National 09-11

Joseph Mifsud, who is believed to be the link between Russian officials and Trump's election campaign has ...
One year on, government planning four new registers to reveal company owners
National 09-11

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has pledged to introduce registries listing real owners at an anti-corruption sum...
Consensus on parliamentary scrutiny of regulatory heads looking possible
National 08-11

The Opposition presented a series of amendments to the proposed law but no vote was taken in Parliament tonigh...
Leaders squabble over who politicised the enforcers of money laundering rules
National 08-11

As Prime Minister warns of international interest in tarnishing Malta's reputation, the Opposition leader ...
PBS board sacks CEO John Bundy in unanimous decision
National 08-11

The PBS board of directors has sacked CEO John Bundy after spending just over 14 months in his position
Apathetic students shun university autonomy debate with minister
National 08-11

In a poorly attended consultation event organised by the University Students' Council, Education Minister ...
[WATCH] Adrian Delia not excluding PN walkout from parliament to force Muscat's hand
National 08-11

The Opposition leader says the Prime Minister’s statement that he welcomes Chris Said’s private mo...
Sexual harassment stats are hiding the rampant abuse on the Maltese workplace
National 08-11

Why have only four reports of sexual harassment been filed in as many years in Malta? Women's rights ...
[WATCH] Occupy Justice activists tell Muscat to accept responsibility for Caruana Galizia’s murder
National 08-11

In meeting with Prime Minister, Occupy Justice activists read out statement but decline request for informal t...
Foreign ministry launches investigation into falsified oil documents claims
National 08-11

An internal investigation has been launched into claims that documents were falsified by an offical, to h...
EXPLAINER | Malta’s Attorney General, in the eye of the storm
National 08-11

The Nationalist Party has called for the removal of Attorney General Peter Grech to be replaced with someone w...