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‘Knot’ monument at Castille Square cost €277,152

Prime Minister confirms no plans on the table to relocate monument erected to commemorate the Valletta Summit from its spot in Castille Square

Tim Diacono
15 February 2016, 7:51pm
The ‘knot’ monument that was erected in Castille Square to commemorate Malta’s hosting of the Valletta Summit on migration late last year cost €277,152, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat revealed.

He was responding to a parliamentary question by Opposition Whip David Agius, and confirmed that the government has no plans to shift the monument from its central location.

The ‘knot’ monument is supposed to symbolise Malta as a bridge between Europe and Africa.

Government paid Halmann Vella €177,000 for the supply and fabrication of the marble and a further €33,040 for the engineering, transport and installation of the monument.

It paid a further €57,112 to Atlas Tool Engineering Ltd for the provision of corten steel and the fabrication of the steel structure, and €10,000 to artist Vince Briffa for designing the monument and “monitoring” its installation.

“As is the case with all monuments, it was constructed through a direct order,” Muscat said.