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Busuttil sues it-Torca over claims he failed to declare financial interests

Opposition leader sues GWU's Sunday paper over report that he had failed to declare his financial interests in Parliament

Staff Reporter
29 February 2016, 6:10pm
Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has sued the GWU’s Sunday paper ‘It-Torca’ for libel over a report that he had failed to declare his financial interests in parliament.

“The article is false from beginning to end,” Busuttil said in a statement. “Whenever the Labour Party finds itself in a scandal, It-Torca and [GWU daily paper] L-Orizzont throws mud at the PN so as to give the impression that everybody is as dirty as it is. This tactic has now grown stale and nobody believes in it anymore.”

It-Torca reported that Busuttil is still a shareholder in two legal firms that offers services of trusts.

However, Busuttil retorted that he had stopped legal practice in 2010 and that he had resigned from the firm before he was elected leader of the Nationalist Party.

“I don’t have any trust or company registered outside Malta, as Konrad Mizzi does,” he said. “I have always declared all my assets in Parliament, and the allegations are defamatory.”