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Adrian Delia: ‘PN will fight commercialisation of prostitution’

The candidate for Nationalist Party leader refuted claims that the party was going through a crisis of values

Yannick Pace
8 September 2017, 2:51pm
Nationalist Party leadership candidate Adrian Delia
Nationalist Party leadership candidate Adrian Delia
Nationalist Party leadership candidate Adrian Delia has pledged to take a strong position against “certain laws being pushed forward by the government, particularly a law commercialising prostitution”.

He said the PN would continue to defend its Christian Democrat values because the party “is, was and will remain”, the protector of Maltese families and their values.

Speaking at a political activity in Tas-Sliema yesterday, Delia refuted claims that the party was going through a crisis of values and principles, insisting that if the party’s paid-up members were to entrust him with the party’s leadership, not only will the PN not become a “Labour Mark 2” – as suggested by his opponent Chris Said – but would be a voice in favour of the “family, tolerance, generosity, inclusivity, democracy, and the value of conviction”.

“Those trying to spread fear about the Nationalist Party becoming a photocopy of the Labour Party are showing how little they believe in the judgement of the party’s councillors and members,” said Delia.

“The PN belongs to Nationalists and to all those we want a home for honest politics, that is prepared to fight for the vulnerable’s daily bread, that is prepared to open up to the ideas of small businesses, the wisdom of the elderly, and the youths’ energy. The time when politicians believed that only what they believed was the right way, is over. People want a new way,” he added.

Moreover, Delia said that with him at the party’s helm, said he was disappointed by the fact that the Nationalist Party had only one remaining club (kazin) in the 10th district, which traditionally has always had a Nationalist majority.

He said he would be working to ensure that the PN again had “homes welcoming the aspirations of all people”.

Delia also pledged to review cases of vindictive transfers on a case by case basis in order to ensure that justice was done with those who were wronged. In addition to this, he said the PN should not accept the reasoning that “the use of drugs is a personal choice, like minister Chris Fearne said”.

The leadership contender insisted that the Opposition has the potential to be one of the strongest ever, as long as the party came together and work hard.

He insisted that the time for political parties to base their positions on winning votes in five-year terms was over and that the country needed a clear long-term plan that touched upon all sectors that affected people’s lives.  

“The Nationalist Party, from the Opposition benches, will start offering people solutions,” he said. 

Yannick joined MaltaToday as a journalist in 2016. His main areas of interest are politics...