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Saviour Balzan’s ‘XTRA’ to replace ‘Reporter’
Reporter 21-08

The TV programme ‘Reporter’ has been replaced by the current affairs programme ‘XTRA’, which will also be hosted by journalist Saviour Balzan

Economy minister denies Brexit will harm Malta’s tax harmonisation stance
Reporter 05-07

Opposition MP Claudio Grech warns UK’s corporate taxation cut could stiffen competition for Malta, urges...
Reporter discusses the impact of Brexit on Malta
Reporter 03-07

What are the implications of this decision? What impact will it have on Malta? Reporter discusses the effects ...
PN MP urges government to ‘end uncertainty’ and publish revised local plans
Reporter 07-06

Environment minister Jose Herrera, AD spokesperson Mario Mallia clash over perceived strength of new Envi...
Reporter takes on environmental issues
Reporter 05-06

How important is the environment nowadays? Is the environment being safeguarded as a response to environmental...
MDA boss dismisses ‘crazy’ proposal for moratorium on large-scale projects
Reporter 31-05

MDA president Sandro Chetcuti makes environmental case for skyscrapers, argues that high-rise buildings will c...
Reporter discusses construction developments
Reporter 29-05

What kind of developments should we have in our country? Are the ongoing developments necessary or frivolous?&...
[WATCH] Opposition MP calls for establishment of press regulator
Reporter 24-05

PN MP Chris Said hits out at police for failing to investigate Panama Papers scandal, but home affairs ministe...
Reporter tackles conflicts of interest
Reporter 22-05

What constitutes a conflict of interest and when should people declare a conflict interest? Are conflicts of i...
PN president suggests state financing of political parties
Reporter 17-05

Ann Fenech hits out at Illum editor for editorial criticising role of intermediaries in Panama Papers, parliam...
Reporter discusses the PN’s proposals towards honest politics
Reporter 16-05

PN leader Simon Busuttil has vowed to clean up politics. Reporter analyses the proposals made to achieve more ...
PN MP brushes off government’s audit action as smokescreen for scandals
Reporter 10-05

Clyde Puli hits out at new police chief Lawrence Cutajar for posting 'undeserving' Facebook comme...
Reporter discusses transparency and accountability
Reporter 08-05

Is it time to move from words to action? Reporter airs on Monday at 10.05pm on TVM
Panamagate won’t go away, MEP warns while minister takes comfort in polls
Reporter 03-05

Owen Bonnici says Joseph Muscat acted ‘humbly’ in reshuffle, Therese Comodini Cachia accuses PM of...
Reporter discusses political direction following Cabinet reshuffle
Reporter 01-05

After PM reshuffles Cabinet to retain Konrad Mizzi as minister and Keith Schembri as chief of staff, how will ...
Former minister rails against media intrusion into private life
Reporter 26-04

Labour MP Manuel Mallia hits out at journalists of independent media houses who ‘spin stories according ...