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Developing story: At least eight dead as pick-up truck ploughs through bike lane in Manhattan
World 31-10

The driver is reported to have opened fire on passers-by before being shot by police
Catalonia crisis: ‘I'm not in Belgium to seek asylum’, Puigdemont
World 31-10

According to Puigdemont, he travelled to Belgium to 'act in freedom and safety'
Kenya: opposition leader accused of ‘undermining democracy’
World 31-10

Amid fears of further protests in the aftermath of the presidential election rerun, Kenya's deputy preside...
US agrochemical giant Monsanto faces blowback over cancer cover-up
World 31-10

A release of internal emails have revealed that Monsanto have ‘manipulated’ studies of the company...
Catalonia crisis: Puigdemont and cabinet members ‘flee’ to Belgium
World 31-10

According to reports, Catalonia president Carles Puigdemont and members of his deposed cabinet have fled to Be...
Japan: man arrested after two severed heads and nine bodies were found in apartment
World 31-10

 27-year-old Takahiro Shiraishi was arrested after nine bodies and two severed heads, some of which were ...
Trump-Russia inquiry: three key aides indicted, including Papadopoulos
World 31-10

Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort and advisor Rick Gates were indicted for conspiracy and mone...
Maltese professor was link between Russians and Donald Trump's campaign team
World 31-10

Joseph Mifsud from the London Academy of Diplomacy is reported to have told a Donald Trump campaigner the Russ...
Kevin Spacey comes out after apologising for 'sexual advance' toward 14-year-old actor
World 30-10

Actor Anthony Rapp alleged that star Kevin Spacey made sexual advances towards him while seeming drunk af...
The gummy bears you love are made by 'slaves', documentary claims
World 30-10

Haribo gummy bears use wax and gelatin that are produced in factories with poor living conditions for humans a...
Russia inquiry: Trump launches Twitter tirade
World 30-10

'Never seen such Republican ANGER & UNITY'
Strong storms kill six in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic
World 30-10

Trains have been suspended in northern Germany as storm wreaks havoc in central and northern Europe
Catalonia crisis: Puigdemont ‘could run if not in jail’ and police will obey Madrid's orders
World 30-10

After being removed from office, Puigdemont could run new elections, provided that he is not in jail, says for...
Former Catalan leader welcome to take part in new election
World 29-10

After dismissing Catalan leader Carles Puidgemont, the Spanish Government has said it would welcome him in new...
Iceland goes to the polls today following paedophile scandal
World 28-10

Third general election in four years being held today in Iceland after paedophile scandal leads to Prime Minis...