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Greece: flash floods death toll rises to at least 15
World 16-11

At least 15 have been killed following freak flash floods in Athens, with prime minister saying 'we are li...
Zimbabwe waiting for next step after military takeover
World 16-11

Talks between president Robert Mugabe, who is said to be confined to his home continued this morning
[WATCH] Lost Leonardo da Vinci painting sells for $450 million
World 16-11

'Four hundred million selling here at Christie's. The piece is sold'
Greece: flash floods kill at least 10 in Athens
World 15-11

'Everything is lost. The disaster is biblical', says Mayor of Mandra town
[WATCH] California: four dead after gunman tries to enter school
World 15-11

Police stopped the gun rampage as they rammed Kevin Neal's vehicle and fired shots
Trump gets 'death sentence' from North Korea for insulting leader
World 15-11

US president Donald Trump, who called Kim Jong-un 'short and fat' has been handed over the death sente...
Italian court orders fresh investigations into 2013 Lampedusa tragedy
World 15-11

Italian navy officers and a ship captain stand accused of failing to rescue, and indirectly contributing to th...
Russia: hundreds of fake Twitter accounts used to tweet about Brexit
World 15-11

419 fake Twitter accounts are belived to have been used 'divide society and destabilise politics' ...
China sending envoy to North Korea after talks with Xi Jinping
World 15-11

A senior Chinese diplomat will be visiting the North on Friday, a week after Trump visited Beijing, as part of...
[WATCH] Australia: PM calls for marriage equality by Christmas
World 15-11

After an 'overwhelming' 61.6% vote in favour of same-sex marriage, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull sai...
[WATCH] Zimbabwe: military seizes capital to 'target criminals'
World 15-11

The capital of Harare has temporarily been seized by military, with the aim of targeting criminals around pres...
Iraq: law could legalise marriage for children as young as nine
World 14-11

The proposal, said activists, would be 'catastrophic for women's rights'
Nigeria: deadly mass forced evictions leave 30,000 homeless and 11 dead
World 14-11

Amnesty International have called on Nigerian authorities to halt a violent and ruthless campaign of demolitio...
Sexual harassment reports rise by 30% in France after Weinstein scandal
World 14-11

The rise is believed to have been prompted by victims feeling empowered by campaigns such as #MeToo 
Madagascar's 'worst plague outbreak in 50 years' is finally on the decline
World 14-11

For the first time since August, there has been a clear decline in new cases