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Deadly protests in Kenya over election fraud claim as commission denies system was hacked
World 10-08

Kenya's chief electoral officer said his team had 'established that the claims being made could not be...
Smugglers ‘deliberately drowned’ dozens off coast of Yemen, UN says
World 10-08

Up to 50 migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia have been ‘deliberately drowned’ when a smuggler force...
North Korea details Guam missile plan, calls Trump's warning a 'load of nonsense'
World 10-08

North Korea says its plan to fire four missiles near the US territory of Guam will soon be ready, as a war of ...
Update 2 | Police arrest suspect in Paris car attack on soldiers
World 09-08

Six French soldiers have been injured, three seriously, after a vehicle plunged through them in Paris &bu...
South African President Zuma survives no-confidence vote
World 09-08

South African President Jacob Zuma survived a no-confidence motion in parliament
Trump says North Korea will be met with 'fire and fury' if nuclear threats continue
World 09-08

United States President Donald Trump has warned North Korea that further expansionism of the nuclear and missi...
Emmanuel Macron to abandon plans to create official first lady post
World 09-08

French President Emmanuel Macron is to abandon plans to create an official role of first lady for his wife, Br...
Brussels police open fire on car ‘with explosives inside’
World 08-08

Media reports say that officers shot at the wheels of the car during a high-speed chase through Molenbeek
Amnesty International slams Israel’s decision to shutdown Al Jazeera operations
World 08-08

Amnesty International has called Israel's decision to close the Jerusalem offices of Doha-broadcaster Al J...
9/11 victim identified 16 years after terror attack
World 08-08

Another victim of the 11 September 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre in New York City has been identified,...
Fishermen prevent anti-migrant boat from docking in Tunisian port
World 08-08

Tunisian fishermen have stopped an anti-migrant boat from docking, claiming the activists are 'racists'...
Sicily firefighters 'caused fires for cash'
World 08-08

Italian police have questioned 15 volunteer firefighters in southern Sicily accused of starting fires in order...
Tillerson urges North Korea to cease missile tests and talk to the US
World 07-08

The US Secretary of State struck a more conciliatory tone on North Korea after the UN Security Council approve...
UN Syria investigator Carla del Ponte quits over lack of political backing
World 07-08

Former war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte has announced she is quitting a United Nations commission investi...
South Korea, US agree to pressure North Korea, China hopes for North-South talks
World 07-08

North Korea has called an offer of talks from the South 'insincere'