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US visa suspension leads to fall of Turkish lira and Istanbul borse
World 09-10

The bitter relationship between Turkey and the US sent currency down 2.6% in afternoon trading
Turkey and US mutually suspend visa services amid diplomatic row
World 09-10

The US and Turkey have imposed travel restrictions on each other, in a diplomatic row that is escalating, wors...
Catalonia independence declaration would not be recognised, says France
World 09-10

French European affairs minister urges both sides to negotiate their way out of crisis triggered by last week&...
North Korea: Kim Jong-un promotes sister Kim Yo-jong to centre of power
World 09-10

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has promoted his younger sister to the secretive country’s powerful poli...
Secret trials for thousands of Boko Haram suspects set to begin in Nigeria
World 09-10

Unprecedented series of mass trials of more than 2,300 suspected Islamist militants will take place in militar...
Macron and unions come head to head in economic policy struggle
World 08-10

Tuesday's strike will be the first time in 10 years that all nine unions, representing a total of 5.4 mill...
Rallies urges Spain and Catalonia to negotiate
World 08-10

Mass rallies held with the slogan 'Shall We Talk?' called for negotiations between Spanish and Catalon...
Trump: 'Only one thing will work with North Korea'
World 08-10

Tensions between the two countries continue to rise as Trump hints at military intervention
[WATCH] Car rams pedestrians near London museum
World 07-10

Several people have been injured in the incident.
Spain issues apology for police violence in Catalan vote
World 07-10

Spain apologised for police violence during the Catalan independence votes, amid rumours of further protests w...
New Zealand election: Labour-Green coalition becomes possibility as ruling National Party loses majority
World 07-10

A possible Labour-Green coalition narrows the gap with the ruling National Party in New Zealand’s final ...
Myanmar ceasefire ending as Rohingya activists call for peace
World 07-10

Muslim Rohingya insurgents continue to call for peace as the Myanmar one-month ceasefire comes to a close Mond...
Suicide bomber kills at least 20 at religious shrine in Pakistan
World 06-10

Suicide bomber, who blew himself up at the entrance of a religious shrine, killed at least 20, injuring dozens...
Tropical storm Nate kills 22 in central America
World 06-10

11 dead in Nicaragua and eight in Costa Rica, thousands more forced to evacuate their homes
US: Trump plans to ‘decertify’ Iran nuclear deal next week
World 06-10

US President Donald Trump has accused Iran of not living up to the 'spirit of the agreement' of i...