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Iraq declares fall of 'fictitious caliphate' following recapture of Mosul mosque
World 29-06

Urban warfare in the city has been ongoing for eight months are Iraqi forces have been fighting to rid the cit...
British PM Theresa May faces vote test in parliament over government plan
World 29-06

The authority of Theresa May's minority government will be tested on Thursday when MPs vote on the Queen&#...
Italy considers closing its ports to boats carrying migrants
World 29-06

Italy has threatened to stop vessels of other countries from bringing migrants to its ports
Car rams gate of Brazilian presidential palace
World 29-06

A car has rammed the gate of the Brazilian president's palace in the capital Brasilia as pressure grows on...
US outlines criteria for visa applicants from six Muslim nations
World 29-06

The White House has set new criteria for visa applicants from six mainly Muslim countries and all refugees, re...
Top papal adviser charged with multiple child sex abuse
World 29-06

The Vatican treasurer and Australia's most senior Catholic figure Cardinal George Pell has been charged wi...
Former Fukushima executives to go on trial over nuclear disaster
World 28-06

Three former Japanese utility executives stand trial this week on the only criminal charges laid in the 2011 F...
Court confirms Dutch UN peacekeepers partly liable for Srebrenica massacre
World 28-06

An appeals court has ruled that the Dutch government is partially liable for the deaths of around 300 Muslim m...
Venezuela's Supreme Court attacked with grenade from police helicopter
World 28-06

Venezuela's Supreme Court has been attacked by grenades dropped from a helicopter in what President Nicol&...
US-led strikes on ISIS-run Syrian prison leaves dozens dead
World 27-06

Almost 60 people have been killed in a US-led coalition air strike on a prison run by the Islamic State in eas...
Kiev car bomb kills colonel in Ukrainian military intelligence
World 27-06

A colonel in Ukraine's military intelligence was killed by a car bomb in central Kiev
Assad preparing new chemical weapons attack in Syria, White House claims
World 27-06

The US says it has identified ‘potential preparation’ for another chemical attack in Syria, and is...
US Senate healthcare bill would cut insurance for 22 million Americans, CBO says
World 27-06

Some 22 million Americans could lose their health insurance over the next decade under a Senate Bill to replac...
US top court partially reinstates Trump travel ban
World 27-06

US President Donald Trump has welcomed a Supreme Court ruling allowing his travel ban to be partly reinstated ...
Brazil's Michel Temer charged with corruption
World 27-06

Brazilian President Michel Temer has been charged with accepting bribes by the country's chief prosecutor