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[WATCH] Australia: PM calls for marriage equality by Christmas
World 15-11

After an 'overwhelming' 61.6% vote in favour of same-sex marriage, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull sai...
[WATCH] Zimbabwe: military seizes capital to 'target criminals'
World 15-11

The capital of Harare has temporarily been seized by military, with the aim of targeting criminals around pres...
Iraq: law could legalise marriage for children as young as nine
World 14-11

The proposal, said activists, would be 'catastrophic for women's rights'
Nigeria: deadly mass forced evictions leave 30,000 homeless and 11 dead
World 14-11

Amnesty International have called on Nigerian authorities to halt a violent and ruthless campaign of demolitio...
Sexual harassment reports rise by 30% in France after Weinstein scandal
World 14-11

The rise is believed to have been prompted by victims feeling empowered by campaigns such as #MeToo 
Madagascar's 'worst plague outbreak in 50 years' is finally on the decline
World 14-11

For the first time since August, there has been a clear decline in new cases
Secret Twitter correspondence between Donald Trump Jr and Wikileaks released
World 14-11

In released Twitter conversations, it has come to light that Wikileaks attempted to convince Trump Jr to ask h...
British parliament to be given vote on Brexit deal
World 13-11

Secretary of state for exiting the EU David Davis has told UK MPs the government has conceded to amendments to...
Australia: girl, 8, dies in drag racing crash
World 13-11

Anita Board, who celebrated her eighth birthday just a couple of days prior, died after crashing into a concre...
[WATCH] Bob Geldof renounces Dublin honour in Aung San Kyi protest
World 13-11

Frontman of Boomtown Rats and activist Bob Geldof said he does not want to be 'associated in any way with ...
North Korean soldier shot by his own troops while defecting to South
World 13-11

A soldier was shot while defecting to South Korea on Monday, amidst a joint naval exercise involving three Ame...
Meeting between Trump and Philippines president Duterte barely touches on 'human rights'
World 13-11

US President Donald Trump said he had a 'great relationship' with Philippines president, as he praised...
At least 16 dead after boat capsizes in India
World 13-11

According to police, 38 people were on board a vessel which capsized because of silt in the river
[WATCH] Former Lebanon prime minister says he is 'free' in Saudi Arabia
World 13-11

Saad Hariri, former Lebanese prime minister has pledged that he would be returning to Beirut in a matter of &#...
Thousands march in LA in support of sexual assault victims
World 13-11

The #MeToo campaign has exposed the sheer extent of abuse and sexual harassment in the entertainment industry ...