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Turkey deploys 80 military vehicles near Syrian border
World 18-09

Deployment comes after Russia, Turkey, and Iran agreed to send 'de-escalation' forces to Syria in the ...
Hurricane Maria: storm strengthens as it heads towards Caribbean
World 18-09

Leeward Islands, British and Virgin islands as well as Puerto Rico bracing themselves for the impact of Maria,...
Cyprus 'selling' EU citizenship to 'super-rich' Russians and Ukrainians
World 18-09

Passports issued under the ‘golden visa’ scheme has raised €4bn since 2013 and the numbe...
Narcos location manager shot dead in Mexico
World 17-09

The location scout was reportedly searching for location ideas for the series’ fourth season
Hurricane Jose far from US East Coast as Storm Maria forms
World 17-09

Storm Maria is also expected to form into a hurricane which will affect the US east coast, the National Hurric...
Second man arrested in over London tube bombing
World 17-09

Officials have said that the second arrest meant that the bombing was not a ‘lone wolf’ attack
London bomb suspect arrested at Dover
World 16-09

UK police made a 'significant' arrest in connection with Friday's London tube blast
Military personnel replace police as manhunt for London Tube bombers gets underway
World 16-09

Metropolitan Police's Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said it was "very routine" for IS to cl...
Protestors and police clash in St Louis after cop acquitted of murdering a black man
World 16-09

8 police officers were injured when a peaceful Black Lives Matter movement protest turned violent
North Korea tests US, UN resolve in latest missile test over Japan
World 16-09

North Korean state media reports its leader Kim Jong-un as having vowed to establish an "equilibrium...
NASA: Cassini spacecraft falls silent after plunge towards Saturn
World 15-09

One of the most successful space missions launched by NASA has come to an end, making the spacecraft the first...
UN: Global hunger rising with conflicts
World 15-09

UN agencies warn that climate change and conflicts are undermining food security and causing undernourishment,...
Updated | London attack: Explosion on Parsons Green tube being treated as 'terrorist incident'
World 15-09

The 'detonation of an improvised explosive device' has injured commuters, sowed panic and disrupted se...
Bangladesh hospital at breaking point with Rohingya victims
World 15-09

Following the exodus of over 370,000 Rohingya, many of which are women and children, a hospital in Bangladesh,...
Over 100 escaped British Virgin Islands prisoners re-captured
World 15-09

Local police were joined by Royal Marines in operation to restore law and order to islands in the wake of Hurr...