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North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan
World 15-09

Launch of 'intermediate-range ballistic missile' comes just one day after threats to Japan and the US ...
Greek oil spill forces closure of popular beaches in Athens
World 14-09

The leak has been described as an ‘ecological disaster’, with authorities accused of failing to re...
Daca: Democrats plan on working with Trump to protect young immigrants
World 14-09

US Democrats say they have agreed to reach a deal with the President to protect thousands of young, undocument...
North Korea: new threats to sink japan and turn US to 'ashes and darkness'
World 14-09

Following the issuing of UN security council sanctions, the state has issued fresh threats, claiming the US sh...
School fire kills at least 23 students in Kuala Lumpur
World 14-09

23 and two members of staff are among the dead after the blaze ripped through a school in the Malaysian capita...
Over 45,000 evacuated as wave of bomb threats hits Russian cities
World 14-09

Thousands have been evacuated from major buildings across Russia, following a series of anonymous bomb threat ...
Nigerian sham marriage criminal network dismantled in Germany and Portugal
World 13-09

These criminal elements were gleaning huge profits by organising EU residency status for Nigerian nationals th...
Young boy and parents die after falling into 10-foot volcanic crater in Naples
World 13-09

An 11-year-old boy is said to have fainted and fallen into the crater after entering a prohibited area. His pa...
Russian spacecraft makes lightning fast journey, headed for ISS
World 13-09

Heading for a five-month mission, the spacecraft reached its destination in just under six hours: 'everyth...
Hundreds of former Isis fighters on Syrian border hoping to flee
World 12-09

As the terror group loses territory, power and funds, hundreds of former fighters are crossing into southern T...
Hurricane Irma: Florida Keys facing potential ‘humanitarian crisis’
World 12-09

The scale of Irma's trail of destruction can be seen in the light of day, as over 10 deaths so far have be...
Smugglers make test runs across even more deadly Black Sea route
World 12-09

The refugee crisis goes on, with Romanian coastguards claiming that a new route for refugees attempting to rea...
Five detained after discovery of 300 tonnes of diseased pig carcasses
World 12-09

A full investigation has been called following the discovery of 300 tonnes of dead pigs at three sites on Dayi...
Myanmar: UN rights chief denounces ethnic cleansing
World 12-09

UN human rights official has urged Myanmar to end 'brutal security operations' against the Rohingya pe...
North Korea sanctions: UN council unanimously agrees on new measures
World 12-09

The UN security council agreed on implementing sanctions on Pyongyang, which will include a ban on the country...