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Update 2 | Iran-Iraq border: death toll rises to 402 making it deadliest earthquake of 2017
World 13-11

More than 402 people have been killed and 6,650 injured after a powerful quake struck the border region a...
EU Brexit negotiator: Everyone needs to plan for collapse of talks
World 12-11

Michel Barnier said that while a no-deal scenario wanted to be avoided, it certainly couldn’t be exclude...
60,000 nationalists take to the streets for Poland’s independence day celebrations
World 12-11

The demonstration was mostly led by National Radical Camp – a far-right eurosceptic group known for its ...
Boris Johnson met with Maltese professor linked to US Russia investigation
World 12-11

The UK foreign secretary denied having ever met Joseph Mifsud only a week ago
UK’s Sunday Times claims 40 Tory MP’s ready to oust Theresa May
World 12-11

If confirmed, it would mean rebels are only eight short of being able to trigger a party leadership contest an...
Thousands demand release of Catalonia separatist leaders
World 12-11

The protestors were demanding ‘freedom for political prisoners’ after Catalan lawmakers were reman...
Trump on North Korea crisis: I’d never call Kim ‘short and fat’
World 12-11

The US president was tweeting in response to a statement by the Foreign Ministry in Pyongyang which referred t...
Trans-Pacific Partnership deal still on the cards after US withdrawal as 11 nations release joint statement
World 11-11

President Donald Trump withdrew the US from the original 12-nation TPP agreement in January.
Ex-Trump aide Flynn denies Muslim cleric kidnap plan claims
World 11-11

Former US national security adviser Flynn has blasted as "outrageous" and "false" suggesti...
Key emails destroyed in Julian Assange case, admit UK prosecutors
World 10-11

Key emails relating to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have reportedly been destroyed
Actor John Hillerman dies aged 84
World 10-11

The actor best known as Higgins in 'Magnum PI' has passed away 
[WATCH] Italy clan member Roberto Spada arrested for attacking TV crew
World 10-11

One of the brothers in the criminal group of the Ostia 'Spada' clan in Italy, Roberto Spada,...
French president in Saudi Arabia amid regional tension
World 10-11

French President Emmanuel Macron has paid an unscheduled visit to Riyadh amid rising tensions between Saudi Ar...
Catalonia crisis: Ex-parliament speaker Forcadell freed on bail
World 10-11

Bail has been granted to a handful of Catalan lawmakers, on rebellion charges, contrasting greatly to the jail...
Saudi Arabian citizens ordered to leave Lebanon amidst tensions rising
World 10-11

Citizens have been ordered to leave Lebanon, a decision which came after a week of rhetoric from the Sunni Ara...