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Explainer | What are the ‘Paradise Papers’ and why should you care?
World 08-11

The Paradise Papers, a set of 13.4 million confidential electronic documents leaked to a German news...
Sicilian election victory indicates political comeback for Silvio Berlusconi
World 07-11

With 93% of the votes counted, a centre-right bloc, backed by former Italian prime minister Berlusconi, w...
Japan's 'Black Widow' sentenced to death for murdering lovers
World 07-11

The 70-year-old Japenese women has been sentenced to death by hanging for posioning three of her lovers
Ex-Welsh Labour minister found dead
World 07-11

Former Welsh communities secretary who faced investigation into allegations about his personal conduct has tak...
26 teenage girls found dead in the Mediterranean Sea
World 07-11

The bodies of 26 girls, aged between 14 to 18, were recovered over the weekend. Investigators consid...
Texas shooting: suspect’s violent criminal history was not flagged
World 07-11

Devin Patrick Kelley, responsible for shooting and killing 26 people and injuring 20 more in a church shooting...
India: Delhi doctors declare pollution emergency
World 07-11

A public health emergency has been declared in Delhi, as fine pollutants reached 'alarming heights'
Updated | Trump lands in South Korea as three US aircraft carriers prepare for drill
World 07-11

'Another war on the Korean peninsula must not happen' said South Korea's foreign minister, ahead o...
Vietnam: death toll climbs to 61 after typhoon Damrey
World 07-11

At least 61 have been killed, another 28 missing and more than 116,000 homes destroyed, in the wake of destruc...
[WATCH] Sydney: two eight-year-old boys killed when car crashed into classroom
World 07-11

On Tuesday morning, a car crashed into classroom, resulting in the death of two and the injury of three other ...
Paradise Papers | F1 champion Lewis Hamilton set up company in Malta
World 07-11

Lewis Hamilton implicated in the Paradise Papers as documents show he holds a company in Malta for 'image ...
Saudi Arabia-Iran tensions rise following 'act of war'
World 07-11

Following Lebanese PM resignation, claims of an assassination plot and a missile fired from Yemen, rivalry bet...
Zimbabwe president fires 'disloyal' vice president
World 06-11

President Mugabe has fired his vice president, giving his wife a greater chance of becoming Zimbabwe's nex...
North Korea: US-Japan weapons deals will help counter threat, says Trump
World 06-11

Large Japanese orders for military equipment manufactured in the US will aid in countering North Korean threat...
Man found guilty of baby’s murder
World 06-11

A UK man has been found guilty of murdering his 18-month-old baby just two weeks after formally adopting her&n...