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[WATCH] Journalists highlight administrative responsibility in Daphne murder
Xtra 19-10

Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder has aroused heated debate on political responsibility, Malta’s institutions, confidence in the police and journalists' role

[WATCH] Tourists staying in flats are one of the causes for rising rents
Xtra 12-10

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna says on Xtra that an average of 4,000 beds were rented out in the private sec...
[WATCH] Edwin Vassallo: ‘I can lend Adrian Delia the faith people have in me’
Xtra 05-10

The outspoken MP said his decision to run for PN deputy leader was rooted in his belief that he could united t...
[WATCH] Adrian Delia says leadership rival Chris Said should contest deputy leader role
Xtra 27-09

PN leader Adrian Delia refused to explicitly support leadership rival Chris Said, but said he would be &l...
[WATCH] Parents still lack awareness on children’s internet use – Pauline Miceli
Xtra 20-09

The Commissioner for Children said on XTRA Sajf that parents were the ones who ultimately had the biggest infl...
Commercial waste collection in Valletta set for ‘huge reform’
Xtra 13-09

On Xtra Sajf, Valletta 2018 Foundation chairman Jason Micallef discussed the ongoing “economic, social a...
[WATCH] Both PN leadership contenders insist they have never used drugs
Xtra 06-09

Both Chris Said and Adrian Delia were asked whether they had ever used drugs or whether they have been in anyw...
[WATCH] PN’s ‘prosecution’ of Delia unwelcome in leadership race
Xtra 30-08

Implosion in the PN? Journalist Dione Borg and academic Simon Mercieca take a look at what’s happening i...
[WATCH] University lecturers to be trained in communication by colleagues
Xtra 23-08

On Xtra Sajf, rector Alfred J Vella speaks of his vision for the University of Malta and how investment in res...
Malta has not developed the way I hoped it would when I was younger – Immanuel Mifsud
Xtra 16-08

The award-winning author and poet discussed his experience of Maltese society and how it has changed duri...
Perici Calascione: PN must learn to take a stand and be decisive once again
Xtra 09-08

The leadership candidate said that while the PN had failed to take into account changes in society, the Labour...
[WATCH] Close to the construction industry? 'Criticism works in my favour,' Delia says
Xtra 02-08

PN leadership hopeful Adrian Delia confirms owning a 9% share in a company doing redevelopment work
[WATCH] Newly appointed Gozo minister wants to restore Gozitans’ faith in their own capabilities
Xtra 26-07

Justyne Caruana said that over the course of the current legislature she wanted to fight the stereotype that p...
[WATCH] Chris Said pledges forward-looking vision, clampdown on PN cliques
Xtra 19-07

PN leadership hopeful Chris Said wants to bring 'thinkers' back to the party and develop a vision that...
[WATCH] How Alfred Pisani built the Corinthia Group
Xtra 14-07

The groups’ chairman and CEO describes how a single restaurant was developed into an international chain...
[WATCH] ‘Mintoff was not an innovator,’ former journalist says
Xtra 06-07

Former journalist and communications expert Godfrey Grima discusses his time at the Financial Times and a care...