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[WATCH] Newly appointed Gozo minister wants to restore Gozitans’ faith in their own capabilities
Xtra 26-07

Justyne Caruana said that over the course of the current legislature she wanted to fight the stereotype that p...
[WATCH] Chris Said pledges forward-looking vision, clampdown on PN cliques
Xtra 19-07

PN leadership hopeful Chris Said wants to bring 'thinkers' back to the party and develop a vision that...
[WATCH] How Alfred Pisani built the Corinthia Group
Xtra 14-07

The groups’ chairman and CEO describes how a single restaurant was developed into an international chain...
[WATCH] ‘Mintoff was not an innovator,’ former journalist says
Xtra 06-07

Former journalist and communications expert Godfrey Grima discusses his time at the Financial Times and a care...
[WATCH] Beat the heat with Xtra Sajf
Xtra 04-07

Xtra Sajf starts this Wednesday at 8:50PM on TVM
[WATCH] Scicluna: Muscat asked me to contest deputy leader position
Xtra 29-06

The finance minister and the two other candidates for the post of Labour Party deputy leader discussed their c...
[WATCH] Media experts sound warning on Facebook’s ‘echo chambers’
Xtra 23-06

Facebook has allowed people to block off disagreeable news items and opinions, media exerts Gorg Mallia and Ca...
[WATCH] Salvu Mallia says PN ‘needs a leader like me’
Xtra 22-06

Salvu Mallia lambasts Maltese mentality: 'People don't care about what goes on beyond their doorsteps,...
[WATCH] Traffic congestion: government's 'no' to parking meters, limitations on car use
Xtra 15-06

The newly appointed transport minister said that the government was against placing limitations on citizens an...
[WATCH] New PN leader must be a good communicator, journalists argue
Xtra 08-06

Xarabank host Peppi Azzopardi says PN must pick a communicator 'as good as Joseph Muscat' as its next ...
[WATCH] Journalists offer different interpretations of events leading to snap election
Xtra 01-06

Heated debate illustrates how one person's fight for justice is another's coordinated plot
[WATCH] Prime Minister warns of ‘constitutional crisis if PN is elected on a lie’
Xtra 25-05

On Xtra, Labour leader Joseph Muscat says country will face a crisis if PN wins election and inquiry confirms ...
[WATCH] ‘Egrant inquiry not finding enough evidence would be mind-boggling,’ Busuttil says
Xtra 18-05

Simon Busuttil said he made no promises to PD leader Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia but, if elected, wo...
Cardona: Godfrey Farrugia’s resignation letter doesn’t seem like it was written by him
Xtra 04-05

The economy minister said he was amazed by the letter because Farrugia had never raised any issues during with...
[WATCH] Schembri should prove €100,000 payment was loan, not kickbacks
Xtra 27-04

PN deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami calls on PM's chief of staff Keith Schembri to publish proof of loan m...