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[WATCH] New PN leader must be a good communicator, journalists argue
Xtra 08-06

Xarabank host Peppi Azzopardi says PN must pick a communicator 'as good as Joseph Muscat' as its next ...
[WATCH] Journalists offer different interpretations of events leading to snap election
Xtra 01-06

Heated debate illustrates how one person's fight for justice is another's coordinated plot
[WATCH] Prime Minister warns of ‘constitutional crisis if PN is elected on a lie’
Xtra 25-05

On Xtra, Labour leader Joseph Muscat says country will face a crisis if PN wins election and inquiry confirms ...
[WATCH] ‘Egrant inquiry not finding enough evidence would be mind-boggling,’ Busuttil says
Xtra 18-05

Simon Busuttil said he made no promises to PD leader Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia but, if elected, wo...
Cardona: Godfrey Farrugia’s resignation letter doesn’t seem like it was written by him
Xtra 04-05

The economy minister said he was amazed by the letter because Farrugia had never raised any issues during with...
[WATCH] Schembri should prove €100,000 payment was loan, not kickbacks
Xtra 27-04

PN deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami calls on PM's chief of staff Keith Schembri to publish proof of loan m...
Egrant inquiry: Fenech Adami, Zammit Lewis on Xtra
Xtra 27-04

Xtra on TVM will tonight host PN deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami and tourism minister Edward Zammit Lewis ami...
[WATCH] Marlene Farrugia: ‘I am against Panama Gang, not Labour Party’
Xtra 20-04

Marlene Farrugia brushes off criticism by PN MPs at proposed coalition: 'Internal criticism is normal in a...
'Malta should be producing fewer lawyers and more IT experts'
Xtra 14-04

Newly-elected president of the Chamber of Commerce Frank Farrugia believes Malta’s economy runs ‘n...
[WATCH] Developers' chief: 'Slight inconveniences' small price to pay for booming economy
Xtra 13-04

Malta Developers Association president Sandro Chetcuti says it's useless to dwell on past mistakes and tha...
[WATCH] Majority muslim imam launches salvo against persecuted Ahmadiyya minority
Xtra 07-04

Imam Mohammed El Sadi says he represents 30,000 Muslims in Malta and says extremism tarnishing fomenting hatre...
[WATCH] Political quotas alone would be useless, activists agree
Xtra 31-03

Lawyer says that with more women graduating from university than men, surely there are more than enough capabl...
[WATCH] Spin doctors in fiery debate over Labour’s four years in power
Xtra 23-03

Labour communications chief says ‘people not as angry as Opposition makes them out to be’
[WATCH] PN warned in 2014 party subsidiaries could be used to hide donations, minister says
Xtra 16-03

Justice minister says PN had recommended transparency on loans of over €10,000 in 2014 submissions on par...
[WATCH] Mario de Marco: ‘It was my duty to protect client’s interest’ in ITS deal
Xtra 16-03

PN deputy leader Mario de Marco says Simon Busuttil was aware of his legal brief for the db Group from the ver...