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Food, films and Phoenician ships on fun, light Xtra episode
Xtra 22-12

Light episode of Xtra in the run-up to Christmas, with Saviour Balzan discussing traditional food and recipes ...
[WATCH] ‘Send Paceville masterplan back to drawing board’ – Louis Grech
Xtra 15-12

‘Practically everyone has opposed the Paceville masterplan, and I believe it should go back to the drawi...
[WATCH] Fenech Adami: Full-time politicians would reduce corruption
Xtra 08-12

PN deputy leader suggests full-time politicans could help the country deal with corruption and conflicts of in...
[WATCH] ‘Muscat’s inaction on Panama scandal makes him equally corrupt’ – Busuttil
Xtra 01-12

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil claims that prime minister Joseph Muscat’s inaction following revelatio...
[WATCH] Prime Minister boasts he is not guided by polls: ‘I don’t follow numbers. I make them.’
Xtra 24-11

Trump, ‘Frexit’ fears, minimum wage, Alitalia, and a new transport policy for Labour’s 2018 ...
[WATCH] PA chief insists no one would be forced to sell their house in Paceville masterplan
Xtra 17-11

Planning Authority executive chairman admits to having reservations on Paceville masterplan and that consultat...
Joe Mizzi: 'Reduce number of cars on road by providing alternative transport'
Xtra 10-11

Joe Mizzi says measures aimed at reducing traffic problem will only be effective if people use alternative mod...
[WATCH] Secrecy of Vitals Global Healthcare ownership dominates TV debate
Xtra 03-11

Health minister Chris Fearne unable to provide names of ultimate beneficiary owners of Vitals Global Healthcar...
[WATCH] Government open to negotiating Air Malta derogation with EU
Xtra 28-10

Tourism minister Edward Zammit-Lewis says that the government is open to trying to negotiate a derogation that...
Mario De Marco on Xtra calls for political maturity to tackle pensions
Budget 2017 21-10

Finance minister Edward Scicluna squares off against Opposition counterpart Mario de Marco on Budget 2017 &bul...
‘I never said LNG tanker was dangerous’ – Ann Fenech
Xtra 13-10

PN executive president Ann Fenech says she will have no problem with LNG tanker if impact studies can prove it...
Evarist Bartolo first protagonist on Saviour Balzan’s XTRA
Xtra 06-10

Saviour Balzan's new current affairs programme XTRA welcomed education minister Evarist Bartolo to the fir...