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[WATCH] Taxpayers do not want to fund political parties, finance minister claims
Xtra 09-03

Edward Scicluna sounds warning to firms who advise clients on how to minimise their tax exposure: 'You are...
[WATCH] Government employment schemes have broken Gozitan job market - Said
Xtra 02-03

Government is not being honest on state of employment in Gozo, shadow minister insists as Anton Refalo defende...
‘Caruana Galizia told court she wanted DOI registration as web editor’, Bonnici says
Xtra 23-02

Minister: online editors and journalists have asked to have DOI recognition to take responsibility for news we...
[WATCH] Lands Authority chief was chosen over more qualified candidates, PN MP claims
Xtra 16-02

Parliamentary secretary Deborah Schembri insists Lands Authority leaders were selected on merit, not because o...
[WATCH] Labour MP: Rental market will stabilise once supply catches up with demand
Xtra 09-02

Caritas director: government can’t avoid regulating the current situation, and there should be cont...
Press laws need overhaul, but journalists cannot abandon duty of verification
Xtra 09-02

Chris Cardona’s selected targeting ignores damages that can stultify journalists
Ambassador expects no change to Malta-US relations under Trump
Xtra 02-02

Ambassador Kathleen Hill insists US President Donald Trump cares about refugees, but wants to see thorough vet...
[WATCH] Minister in brothel allegations: ‘I can prove I was not there’
Xtra 02-02

PN deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami says he does not believe Cardona and that he immediately took the initial ...
On Xtra tonight: Chris Cardona and Beppe Fenech Adami
Xtra 02-02

Economy Minister Chris Cardona and PN deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami, face to face tonight during TVM’...
[WATCH] ‘I admire Joseph Muscat as a man of his word’ – Archbishop
Xtra 26-01

Archbishop Charles Scicluna praises Joseph Muscat as a man of his word, calls for citizenship to children born...
[WATCH] President does not exclude return to politics after her term is up
Xtra 19-01

Would the President consider a return to politics?: ‘I have two years left as President, after that we w...
[WATCH] Children born to 'rejected' migrant parents not our remit, Refugee Commissioner insists
Xtra 12-01

Xtra's discusses refugee protection with Commissioner for Refugees Martine Cassar
[WATCH] Puli: 'Prohibiting Church schools from employing only Catholics is political schizophrenia'
Xtra 05-01

'Parents like me who send their kids to Church school do so because we want them to receive a Ca...
[WATCH] Bedingfield: President was not referring to me in Republic Day speech
Xtra 29-12

Speaking on XTRA, the Prime Minister’s communications aide insists there are lines he does not cross wit...
Food, films and Phoenician ships on fun, light Xtra episode
Xtra 22-12

Light episode of Xtra in the run-up to Christmas, with Saviour Balzan discussing traditional food and recipes ...