Malta moving up in the Rugby League International Federation rankings

Malta has moved up seven places to 20th in the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) rankings.

6 October 2011, 12:00am
It is the highest world ranking ever held by the Malta national team.

Ahead of Malta, are Germany (17), Norway (18) and Russia (19), while a considerable gap exists to the nations trailing the Maltese in Canada (21) and Latvia (22).
Malta’s recent European Shield campaign saw them finish runners up to Germany – who lost to Norway - who were humiliated 64-24 at home by the Maltese on September 2.

Australia are ranked first while the current World Cup champions New Zealand are ranked second, and England, third.

The rankings are automatically updated at the beginning of each month.

RLIF World Rankings: 1: Australia, 2: New Zealand, 3: England, 4: Papua New Guinea, 5: France, 6: Samoa, 7: Wales, 8: Fiji, 9: Tonga, 10: Scotland, 20: Malta