Updated | Muscat stands by Micallef appointment, de Marco voices concern

Tourism Minister Karmenu Vella assures former culture minister that architect David Felice will remain on board.

Miriam Dalli
3 May 2013, 12:00am
From left: David Felice, Jose Herrera and Jason Micallef.
From left: David Felice, Jose Herrera and Jason Micallef.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat today defended the controversial appointment of the former Labour secretary-general Jason Micallef as chairman of the Valletta 2018 foundation.

"I believe Jason MIcallef will be doing a good job. I am comforted by the fact that he has a strong team around him, and that David Felice will remain active on the committee."

Muscat said that Micallef had experience in the audiovisual sector, whose role will be bolstered by the appointment of a CEO and Felice's input.

He was not yet informed of Micallef's salary for the position.

Former culture minister Mario de Marco today expressed his concern over Jason Micallef's appointment as chairman of the V18 committee. Addressing an MHRA tourism management forum - where Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is in attendance - PN MP Mario de Marco said he was "concerned" that architect David Felice had been replaced.

"V18 is an opportunity for Malta not only in terms of attracting more tourists to the island - it is also a cultural opportunity for the country," de Marco said.

But Tourism Minister Karmenu Vella assured his predecessor that David Felice will still form part of the V18 committee.

De Marco, who is also facing the PN leadership election, was praised by Vella for his work.

"I wish you all the best for the leadership election... if I had a vote, I would definitely vote for you," Vella told de Marco.

Earlier today, the PN blasted the appointment of Micallef as a bad choice for Malta.
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