Calabrian bites at Tigne Point

Tigne Point is looking more and more lively with new restaurants opening in the Piazza, breathing a little bit of life into the place even on a Sunday when shops are closed.

Rachel Zammit Cutajar
17 July 2013, 12:00am
Due Mari restaurant is open from 7am every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Due Mari restaurant is open from 7am every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner
One such spot is Due Mari Restaurant. Open for breakfast, lunch and supper, Due Mari offers a little taste of Italy... particularly Calabria. No matter what time of day or how much time you have on your hands, there is always time for some real Italian food.

Open at 7am every day, why not stop for your morning coffee with a croissant before you make a dash to the office or start the school run.

If you're stopping by for lunch you can either decide on a quick one and choose from a selection of freshly prepared dishes from their tavola calda, so you can be in and out in your lunch break. If you have more time to spare, take a look at the à la carte menu that includes ingredients that come in directly from the Italian shores.

Check out the vast range of Pecorino cheeses - some aged in wine caskets and some speckled with chilli flakes - every bite just makes you want to keep on eating.

When you think of Calabrian cuisine, hot and spicy salami instantly comes to mind and the salami Calabrese at Due Mari will not disappoint. The more seasoned Italian diners will be pleased to see nduja on the menu - a spicy, spreadable salami made from pork meat taken from the head of the pig (aside from the cheeks which are used for guanciale), skin and other pork meat trimmings along with roasted chilli peppers. This is served in the mixed platter from Calabria, which can be spread on toast, or in various pasta dishes.

Almost all the ingredients are imported directly from Calabria, with the exception of fresh fish. Owner Marcello said, "Malta is blessed with beautiful seas and plentiful local fish. It makes no sense to import fish from Italy when there is such great produce here. The rest of our ingredients, however we import from Italy as they have a unique taste that is unmatched anywhere else in the world."

Marcello is so passionate about food that he ensures nothing but the best. Even simple items like water come from Italy. He has chosen a sparkling water that contains no added carbon dioxide and is naturally fizzy.

The pasta used at the restaurant is some of Italy's finest, Gragnano pasta, handmade in the Gragnano region using the finest durum wheat with calcium poor water. The pasta is then cut machines made of brass, rather than the usual Teflon machines. This ensures that no residue is left on the pasta and the large surface area of the pasta allows for better absorption of the sauce with which it is served.

The wines are also imported from Italy with a vast selection of some of Italy's finest, from Piemonte to Sicily, Calabria and in between.

Despite the dedication to quality ingredients, the prices are reasonable with starters selling for approximately €10, mains for €15 and desserts for under €5.

If your meal hasn't been enough, you can take home plenty of goodies from the salumeria - pecorinos, salamis, nduja, pasta and many other items that will ensure guests are well impressed at your improved skills in the kitchen.

Café Due Mari is open daily from 7am until late for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Due Mari Restaurant

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