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Muscat retains strong trust lead, but ‘Tagħna Lkoll’ loses its sheen

James Debono
8 December 2013, 12:00am
Putting his name to the Taghna Lkoll pledge - but voters don't believe the hype any longer.
Putting his name to the Taghna Lkoll pledge - but voters don't believe the hype any longer.
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A MaltaToday survey conducted over the past week reveals that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat still retains a strong 17-point 'trust' lead over Opposition leader Simon Busuttil.  However his performance rating a prime minister dropped by 4 points.

Despite his popularity, a majority of respondents still disagree with the Individual Investor Programme approved by parliament last month. And although Muscat removed a controversial secrecy clause, those who agree with the 'golden passport' scheme remain the same as last month (26%).

But outright opposition to the scheme has also dropped by four points, while those think the €650,000 passport acquisition should be accompanied by investment has increased by five points - a development that comes in the wake of talks between government and opposition on revising the scheme.

An interesting finding from this month's survey is that only 36% think the government is fully honouring its meritocracy pledge.

While 25% say Labour has disregarded its 'Malta Tagħna Lkoll' slogan, 27% say this pledge is being honoured only in part.

The survey also shows a shake-up in the list of concerns of the general public.

While concern on the cost of living and utility bills has fallen to an all-time low, the environment and immigration have increased dramatically.

Jobs now top the list of Maltese concerns, while the environment and over-development emerge as the third most-mentioned concern after the cost of living. Another concern that increased in ranking is public transport.

James Debono is MaltaToday's chief reporter on environment, planning and land use issues, ...