In the Press: Dalli wanted to lift snus ban - Kessler

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Rachel Agius
18 March 2015, 7:58am

Testifying in court, OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler said that two of John Dalli's former aides had told investigators that he wanted to life the snus ban. Kessler was testifying in the case against Silvio Zammit, accused of soliciting bribes from tobacco companies. 

The Times of Malta

A €200 million investment will see the refubishment of both Gozo General and St Luke's hospitals, according to PM Joseph Muscat. A branch of the barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry will also be set up in the Gozo hospital, with the agreement being signed today. 


The Opposition has put forward proposals that would see a restructuring fund set up, which would help Maltese businesses in Libya.


More information has come to light about the running of the smart card system during the previous administration, with thousands of euro in debt still to be collected by educational institutions from various entities. 

The Malta Independent

The prime minister and the leader of the Opposition yesterday engaged in heated discussion yesterday on an episode of Times Talk, with both leaders admitting to some of their past mistakes and then going on to argue about various points after Busuttil accused Labour of taking bribes. 

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