New ASMK autocross season starts next Sunday

On Sunday 25 October 2015 the new ASMK Autocross season starts, sponsored by ASMK and PASTA POIATTI.

Staff Reporter
23 October 2015, 10:14am
Matthew Gauci
Matthew Gauci
During this season there will be two strong Autocross classes, Modified cars and another newer class for Standard Autocross cars with more restrictions to the engines and suspension systems. This latter class continues to show a growth in popularity with a substantial increase of Maltese and Gozo on newer cars in the sport. This Sunday, the program starts at noon.
With regards to the Motocross Championship the Executive Committee of the Association decided to postpone the start of the National Championship for Motocross at a later date due to the fact that presently extensive training  is being carried out especially by 4 selected riders for their participation in an International event held in France on the first days of November. The four (4) men Malta Team will be competing among the ten (10) participating countries. More details will be disclosed in the coming days.
Meanwhile the Association opened the Enduro season 2015/2016 ASMK - PASTA POIATTI Championship on Sunday 18th October 2015. The first event was organized at Xaghra tal-Maghlaq quarry limits of Qrendi . For this event 34 competitors registered which were divided in two classes. Class A for motorcycles under 250cc displacement and class B for motorcycles bigger than 250cc.
An Overview of the activity which started a Practice Lap followed by the Pole Position Lap which will establish the place of each rider during the competition timed Laps. The course which was laid over all kinds of natural terrain was a little less than 4 kilometers long. Matthew Gauci on a Yamaha registered the first best time followed by Ian Scicluna on his KTM while Wayne Zahra placed 3rd on a Suzuki.
In Class A Peter Sammut on his KTM dominated the first Heat with an official time of 6 minutes 47.03 seconds. Conrad Farrugia on his KTM followed Sammut in the first Heat with 6 minutes 51.87 seconds. During the Second Heat the situation changed the scene completely. On a KTM Andrea Scicluna registered his best Lap time of 6 minutes 32.81 seconds followed by Nigel Anastasi on KTM with his best time of 6 minutes 51.58 seconds. The Final result showed Scicluna as the winner followed by Sammut in second place and Anastasi had placed third placed in class.
In the First Heat of Class B we saw Matthew Gauci on his Yamaha dominating this class with his first time of 5 minutes 30.76 seconds. Gauci was followed by Joseph Scicluna on a KTM with a best time of 6 minutes 1.97 seconds and Ian Scicluna on a KTM with a time 6 minutes 3.38 seconds. During the second Heat all competitors continued to improve but Gauci retained and defended his place to the end with a 5 minutes 24.45 seconds Lap. Gauci was followed by Joseph Scicluna who registered a best time of 5 minutes 37.01 seconds. In the group of the first three competitors Bernard Sammut entered the group on his KTM by registering a marginal improvement and registered his best time of 5 minutes 53.07 seconds. Gauci was declared winner of this final followed by Joseph Scicluna and Sammut finishing in third place.
The Overall Classification leader was won by Matthew Gauci on a Yamaha with a best time of day 5 minutes 24.45 seconds. Runner-Up was Joseph Scicluna on his KTM who finished the best Lap with a time of 5 minutes 37.01 seconds.
Meanwhile, the Association announced that the first (1st) season event for the Trials Motorcycles will take place on Sunday 1st November 2015. This first event is expected to take place in a hard rock cutting quarry at limits of San Pawl tat-Targa close to Hard Rocks Estate. More information can be found on the ASMK Website  or on Facebook pages named ASMK Malta or Association Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can also make contact by email to [email protected]