Shireburn Software expands SkyParks offices

Experiencing rapid growth, Shireburn Software expands in Malta's most prestigious business address - Skyparks offices.

27 October 2016, 3:03pm
Shireburn Software have expanded their offices at the Skyparks Business Centre to accommodate the significant growth experienced by the company. Since moving to Skyparks in February 2014, Shireburn and its CA Plus group company have experienced an increase in staff of 33% and this office expansion aims to ensure the best environment for the growing team and to ensure further growth opportunities.

“The Skyparks Business Centre is Malta’s most prestigious business address and, through the wide range of well-maintained facilities available within the building, provides an excellent working environment for our team” said Managing Director John de Giorgio. The Shireburn Group now occupies the whole of the façade of the third floor within the building, having managed to secure space adjoining their current offices and interconnected the two areas.

The Shireburn Group have been experiencing rapid growth across all their main software product lines including both the Shireburn Business Suite, which is the leading software solution in Malta for accounting, inventory and payroll/HR, as well as their CA+ solution which enables airports and shopping malls to manage their concession based revenues.