New children's computer games promote water conservation in Malta

Five new games have been launched by the Catch the Drop campaign, which aim to promote water conservation among children

4 January 2017, 4:19pm
The free games take HSBC Catch the Drop messages straight to the screens
The free games take HSBC Catch the Drop messages straight to the screens
The Catch the Drop campaign has launched together with Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) five digital games aimed at young children with the objective of creating awareness about water usage.

The environmental and educational campaign, part of the HSBC Water Programme, aims to reach every single student in Malta in order to raise awareness about water conservation and stimulate positive change towards sustainable fresh water use in Malta and Gozo. As part of its latest initiative, the campaign has launched five games, namley Drip Drop, Filtro, Running Water, Summer is Coming, and Save the Drop, which according to a company statement, contain storylines that inspire the players to look at their usage of water in a new way. 

“To really have an impact on social issues, we need to meet people where they spend their time, and for thousands of us that’s online, on mobile or on consoles,” Glenn Bugeja, co-ordinator HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop, said.

The games are available for free online for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

By way of example, HSBC mentions Filtro, where the neighbourhood aquarium is faced with extremely polluted water. In the game, Filtro must ride on his shark companions to  rid the water of these pollutants by collecting the trash and germs in his special containment tank.

The campaign has already spread its messages across primary schools and local councils, and has released two international songs.