Maltreated animals discovered at illegally built factory extension

They were discovered during a direct-action operation by the Planning Authority to remove the illegally constructed structure

Yannick Pace
13 January 2017, 5:06pm
A number of “maltreated animals” have been found in an illegally erected extension of an old factory, according to a statement issued by the Planning Authority. The animal welfare, veterinary services and environmental health departments are currently investigating the case.

The animals were found during a direct-operation by the Planning Authority, to demolish the extension. “Despite various communications with the owners, a set deadline to remove the illegal extension proved futile and the situation remained unchanged,” read the statement.

"The illegalities which were removed in the direct-action operation, included the demolition of illegal roofing of the side cartilage which functioned as an extension to the ex-factory at basement level," the authority said.

The Planning Authority’s Enforcement Directorate was assisted by members of the Administrative Law Enforcement unit and the private sector.

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