eNGOs welcome PN’s green pledges

‘Finally, one of the two main parties has realised its role to protect health and quality of life of all’ -  Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar

Miriam Dalli
22 January 2017, 10:13am
Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar and Front Harsien ODZ have welcomed the publication of the Nationalist Party’s green pledges.

In its initial reaction, Front Harsien ODZ welcomed Simon Busuttil’s commitment to renegotiate the Zonqor deal with the American University of Malta, should he become Prime Minister.

The PN has pledged “to enter into talks with the American University of Malta in order to persuade them to give up the site in Zonqor and save the ODZ land from development”.

Front Harsien ODZ, a citizens’ movement, saw its initiation during the announcement of government’s plans to pass on ODZ land in Zonqor to Jordanian investors for the development of a university campus.

“All political parties save for the Labour Party are against the Żonqor development. What is the Prime Minister waiting for to stop the destruction of Żonqor?” it asked.

Front Ħarsien ODZ said it will be commenting on the entire PN environmental document in the coming days.

On its part, FAA welcomed the PN’s proposal to entrench environmental rights for citizens in the Constitution.

“Equally urgent is the repealing of the very damaging Design Guidelines 2015 which allow two more storeys in Malta’s towns and villages.  FAA calls for the reinstatement of ethics, which would preclude working architects from places on the PA's Boards which is leading to abuse,” it said.

FAA said it supported the proposed fiscal incentives for the restoration of heritage properties, but called on the Planning Authority and the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage to immediately block the present wave of destruction of heritage homes, or there will be nothing left to preserve.

“The Public Domain Act has been ratified, what is holding Government back from stepping in to save unique sites that are deteriorating fast?” it asked. 

FAA went on to call for training courses in restoration and sustainable construction, to give contractors who wish to switch to these fields a professional formation. The eNGO also endorsed the setting up of green wardens.

“We welcome the fact that finally, one of the two main parties has realised that its role is to protect the health and quality of life of people over all of Malta and Gozo, rather than to promote the interests of a handful of developers. Now let's see it happen,” FAA said.

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