[WATCH] MRSA infections at Mater Dei hospital down by 90%

MRSA cases have been reduced by 90% at Mater Dei Hospital, following an investigation in certain practices that could have had certain risk factors

11 April 2017, 4:18pm
Health Minister Chris Fearne: MRSA infections at Mater Dei hospital down by 90%
Bacterial infection known as MRSA was reduced by 90% in Mater Dei last year when compared to 2009, Health Minister Chris Fearne said today.

“In 2009 Malta had registered one of the highest percentages with regards to the MRSA bacteria in hospitals, in Europe,” said Fearne.

In 2009, two people were found infected per 1,000 days, and in 2016 - 0.2 people were found infected per 1,000 days.

The MRSA infection is caused by bacteria that are resistant to many of the antibiotics used towards ordinary infection treatment, and most cases of infection occur in people who have stayed in hospitals.

Malta is now one of the few countries, which has controlled these bacteria in hospitals.

The hospital’s infection control unit chief Michael Borg said that a number of measures have been taken at Mater Dei hospital, such as patient testing and an aggressive campaign on the importance of hand washing, especially to those who visit the hospital.

He said this was done in order not to pass on any bacteria which may have been picked up to the patients in question, who would be in a more vulnerable state.