Portugal wins 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Winning by a huge margin, the unusual Portughese entry took home plenty of points from both the national juries and the public vote. 

Rachel Agius
13 May 2017, 8:54pm
Salvador Sobral, representing Portugal, has won this year's Eurovision Song Contest
Salvador Sobral, representing Portugal, has won this year's Eurovision Song Contest
The live-blog for this year's Eurovison final in Kiev, Ukraine.

00:40: That's all from me tonight folks. It is way past my bedtime. It's been swell. Don't drink and drive. Good night!
00:37: With 758 points, Portugal wins the 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest
00:35: 376 points go to Portugal, who take home the trophy this year
00:35: 337 points go to Bulgaria
00:34: 264 points go to Moldova, putting them in second place
00:33: 255 points go to Belgium, putting them in second place
00:33: Four countries left. Moldova, Portugal, Bulgaria and Belgium
00:31: 224 points go to Romania, putting it in 4th place
00:31: 208 points go to Italy, taking it into 3rd place
00:31: 152 points go to Hungary, putting it into 4th position
00:30: 126 points go to Sweden, pushing it into 2nd place
00:30: 103 points go to Croatia
00:30: 90 points go to France, pushing it way up the ranks to 7th place
00:29: Australia is in 4th place right now
00:29: 42 points go to Azerbaijan
00:29: 41 points to Poland
00:28: 33 points go to Belarus
00:28: 32 points to Cyprus
00:28: 29 points to Norway
00:28: 29 points to Greece
00:28: 24 points to Ukraine
00:28: 21 to Armenia
00:28: 15 to the Netherlands
00:28: 12 points to the UK
00:27: Ooh Germany gets 3 points, bless 'em
00:27: Here it comes...
00:27: Portugal, Bulgaria and Sweden take the top three spots for the moment
00:24: The public vote coming in now
00:23: Ukraine announces that 12 points go to Belarus
00:22: Czech yoself before you wreck yoself. The Czech Republic gives 12 points to Portugal
00:22: Croatia gives 12 points to Hungary
00:22: UK calling in, with Katrina (of the Waves fame) giving 12 points to Portugal
00:20: Poland calling in, giving 12 points from Warsaw to Portugal
00:20: Belgium calls in, giving 12 points to Sweden
00:19: Close to a hundred-point lead for Portugal now
00:19: Slovenia gives 12 points Portugal
00:18: Hungary calls in, while urging the crowd to look enthusiastic. 12 points from Hungary go to Portugal
00:18: Romania calls in, a little confused perhaps? 12 points go to the Netherlands
00:17: Belarus gives 12 points to Bulgaria
00:16: Cyprus' finest hipster calls in, giving 12 points to Greece. Also, that's not how puns work.
00:15: Georgia looks a little rough today but was kind enough to call in to give 12 points to Portugal
00:15: 84 points in total for Belgium so far
00:15: Ireland and a throwback to my youth, giving 12 points to Belgium
00:14: The Netherlands calling in, with an adorable dog. A Shih Tzu I believe. She's very cute. Anyway. 12 points go to Portugal
00:13: Switzerland calls in, giving 12 points to Portugal
00:13: Portugal on the phone now, looking a little smug to be honest. 12 points go to that unboxing performance, Azerbaijan
00:12: A little sad to see Germany at the bottom of the list there
00:12: Germany calling in, giving 12 points to Norway
00:11: Italy next, giving 12 points to Azerbaijan
00:10: Australia calling, giving the Queen.. er.. the UK 12 points
00:09: Serbia give 12 points to Portugal
00:09: Iceland calling in. 12 points to Portugal, all but guaranteeing a win
00:08: Bulgaria calling in. 12 points go to Austria, moving the country from the right column to the left
00:07: And we're back
00:05: With 50 points on their closest competition, Portugal is almost a sure thing by now
00:04: Armenia calls in. 12 points go to Portugal
00:03: Moldova, ever reminiscent of that childhood beverage, calling in to award 12 points to Romania
00:02: Estonia calls in, awards their 12 points to Bulgaria
00:02: "Amar Pelos Dois" by Salvador Sobral from Portugal pulling ahead
00:02: Lithuania calling in now. Portugal get 12 points
00:01: Greece calling in. 12 points go to Cyprus in a completely unexpected move.
00:00: France calling in, looking like she got dressed in a hurry. 12 points go to Portugal
23:59: Finland next. Happy 100 years lads. The 12 points from Finland go to Sweden
23:58: The Sagrada Familia calling in. Spain gives 12 points to Portugal
23:58: Sweet to see the sprogs supporting each other
23:57: 12 points from Norway goes to Bulgaria
23:57: Norway calling in, playing a quick game of 'lesbian or young boy'.
23:57: 1. Portugal 2. Bulgaria 3. Italy
23:57: Austria calling in. The Netherlands get 12 points
23:56: Portugal in first, followed by Bulgaria
23:56: Denmark next. Orange you glad you came tonight? 12 points go to Sweden (surprise!)
23:55: FYR Macedonia's maitre d' calling in. 12 points go to Bulgaria
23:55: Malta gives 12 points to Italy, somewhat predictably. Everyone quietly relieved it wasn't Azerbaijan
23:54: Wahey it's us up next!
23:54: Albania calls in, giving 12 points to Italy
23:53: Another quick Google Maps search for Montenegro as they call in. Greece gets the 12 points.
23:52: 12 points from Israel go to Portugal
23:52: Israel next, with a slightly sinister announcement that the TV station is shutting down. You guys ok?
23:51: Latvia calling in. 12 points go to Portugal
23:50: San Marino calling in, while everyone looks up where San Marino is again. 12 points go to Portugal. Disney ballad pulling ahead now.
23:49: Azerbaijan calling in, sounding a little like a hostage. 12 points go to Belarus.
23:49: Sweden calling in. It looks humid over there. 12 points go to Portugal
23:46: Buckle up everyone. The points are coming up. Bets will be won and lost.
23:43: Australia are officially uninvited
23:42: That man is probably being detained somewhere very dark right now
23:42: A dude in an Aussie flag just ran on stage and mooned everyone.
23:35: Here's a gif to keep you entertained till we get to the good bits

23:34: Brief mention of Malta, everyone paid attention real fast
23:29: Another Eurovision fact - Riverdance was first performed during the interval act of Eurovision Song Contest 1994
23:25: The contestants sit in their pods with hope in their hearts.
23:17: Russia still sneaking in to the contest, despite being banned
23:11: Just once I'd like to see something catch fire on stage. Is that too much to ask?
23:08: And that wraps up the performances for the evening. In the absence of a Maltese entry, you don't have to remind your friends living abroad to vote for us. Take a break, make a sandwich. Just relax.
23:06: It's not fair though. Anything said in French is at least 72% more appealing than in any other language. She could literally be singing the recipe for pickled herring and still get a standing ovation.
23:04: That is a very short dress.
23:03: France up next. Soup du jour.
23:02: I used to do that with my sleeves in secondary school. Would get such a telling off every time.
23:00: Bulgaria, with their version of Jojen Reed
23:00: What's the minimum age for competing in ESC? No, no reason.
22:57: A little OK GO with the treadmills there
22:56: Somehow I don't think Michael Jackson would mind this use of his moves
22:56: Sweden now, making everyone feel inferior in every way
22:53: Kind of a shame really. Not a bad song and a pretty good voice to carry it off.
22:53: I know that looks well - an introvert that's been forced outdoors
22:52: Points for the dress. Charisma of a doorstop.
22:51: Belgium up next. I mean this in the nicest possible way but she looks so Belgian
22:49: I feel like the hardcore vibe they're trying to give off with the tattoos and piercings is diminished somewhat by the lead singer's adorable attempt at a moustache
22:48: Definitely not a gay club staple, this one
22:47: The manliest of participants from the Ukraine
22:46: Side note -
22:45: This would be perfectly at home in clubs. A definite plus for this one
22:43: Sounds a little like Titanium
22:43: Germany up now. Points for... well, her face. We like her face.
22:41: Hopefully not the last. I live in hope of seeing someone being shot out of a cannon on the Eurovision stage.
22:40: Huh. The first artillery of the evening
22:39: She looks like a Coachella reject, he looks like he'll complain because his favourite coffee shop is out of organic, vegan, Oxford-educated, fair trade tea
22:39: Yo de lay, mofos
22:39: Romania next, with what appears to be a yodelling rap? Let's see how this strategy plays out
22:36: I like a choreography with a high chance of faceplant
22:35: This game of Follow the Leader has gotten out of hand
22:34: Ooh a rock anthem?
22:34: Cyprus up next
22:34: Pretty sure I've seen that jacket at Terranova before
22:33: I feel like it was missing a clamshell bra and a talking crab.
22:31: 'Don't let go when you're so close.' This has Brexit all over it.
22:31: Hmm. Not terrible. I mean it's no Bonnie Tyler drunk off her face but still. Passable.
22:29: UK up next.
22:29: No, Eurovision is about bitter national rivalries and a stupidly large budget.
22:27: As the presenters 'banter', another fact. Did you know that live animals are banned from the stage at the ESC?
22:25: Alright, not bad.
22:23: That time Anonymous took up music
22:22: Feelin a little Macklemore right here
22:21: Knock-off Daft Punk up next with Norway
22:20: Has he actually used his guitar yet?
22:20: Oooh 'do IT for your lover'. Makes more sense
22:19: 'Do me for your lover'? How lazy can you be?
22:18: Jack Johnson meets tapas and youth unemployment
22:17: Oh hang on. Is that a nod to the mannequin challenge? Keeping up with the kids I see.
22:16: Much to the delight of fans, Greece's fiscal difficulties mean that some members of the team must make do with just loin cloths.
22:14: Greece up next. Shirtless dudes, check
22:10: Has anyone figured out what happens if Australia gets the most votes?
22:09: Catchy song, to be sure
22:08: Cheekbone game equally impressive
22:07: Eyebrow game is strong
22:07: Again with the trench coats. Is there a sale on?
22:06: Australia's preview sadly devoid of dingoes, deadly spiders or STD-carrying koalas.
22:06: Have to commend his vocal range though. Inhaling helium to Pavarotti in two seconds flat.
22:05: Sorry for not commenting. I don't know where to start.
22:03: Aggressive violin-ing opens for Croatia
22:02: More trench coats than a detective convention
22:00: Is the horse a metaphor for something? Or is it just a part of the mane event?
22:00: I wonder how much Lorde charges for this kind of gig
21:59: Azerbaijan up next. How is everyone in these previews so well put together
21:56: Is he ok?
21:55: And a barber. Please.
21:55: Hearts melting all over HQ this evening. That is a very ill-fitting jacket though. Someone get the guy to a tailor.
21:55: Portugal with a Disney-esque ballad
21:52: Bringing home the fact that Scandinavians are just superior human beings
21:51: Points for the fabulous hair
21:51: Denmark channelling some serious 80s vibes this evening
21:48: (Just a reminder to donate to your favourite wildlife charity tonight. Keep the apes off the streets)
21:48: Oh well at least the gorilla dressed up for the occasion.
21:48: Why tho?
21:45: Italy up next, bringing the pornstache back
21:45: Hungary's circus master is obviously upsetting his back-up dancer
21:43: We don't know what he's saying but we like his voice
21:42: Just a reminder that man buns are a crime against humanity.
21:40: We're not sure whether it's a wedding or a really upbeat funeral on stage tonight but this one's got the hallmarks of a popular ESC songs
21:37: 'Sunstroke Project' or as I like to call it, Summer in Malta
21:37: The hosts walk among the fans, risking significant flag-related injury
21:33: Oh it's a singalong!
21:33: That's a lot of glitter from the Netherlands and the first reported siting of the elusive Side-boob
21:31: Thumbs up all round here at HQ for Armenia
21:30: Unusual entry, in kind of a good way
21:29: Edgy haircuts from Armenia's back up crew
21:27: I hate to set a precedent this early in the show but I quite like this one.
21:26: Maltese flag spotted in the crowd. Keep on keepin' on, guys!
21:25: Ed Sheeran on schnitzel meets the Dreamworks logo
21:24: Austria up next, promoting vandalism
21:23: I'd have more comments about this if I could understand the language but I choose to believe it's a sweet song about boats.
21:22: The crew here can't decide if it's Minnie Mouse or Sailor Moon that's being channelled.
21:21: I'm already a huge fan
21:20: Belarus up next aaaand there's the evening's first ukulele
21:19: The lack of chorus is unsettling.
21:18: FKNK members twitch slightly at that graphic
21:17: The beloved ESC trope - lone violinist - returns
21:17: An entrance as dramatic as that neckline
21:16: Next up, the Polish entry. Points for the puppies!
21:15: Not sure where those other dancers came from. Part of the Eurovision magic I suppose.
21:14: Ok, so the song is definitely not about the aftermath of cardio
21:13: Easy on that key change, fella
21:12: And we start off with Israel's entry. Judging by the video preview, this song is probably about post-workout sore muscles
21:09: Breaking Eurovision convention, there are 3 hosts this evening. In true Eurovision fashion, there has been no expense spared on the hair product budget. Lookin' sharp, lads.
21:07: Random Eurovision fact as everyone makes their way to their allocated seats - Serbia participated the first time as an independent country in 2007 and won the contest the same year
21:04: Biceps and glitter - I'd say the target audience has been duly identified as all the acts are introduced to the stage.
21:03: And here we go! The evening's off to a good start some nonchalant ball-tossing.
20:55: This live stream is up, the snacks are ready! Welcome to this year's MaltaToday Eurovision live blog!
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