72 new vehicle licences issued daily

The majority of new vehicle licences issued, 4,751, were to passenger cars

1 August 2017, 11:45am
886 new motorcycle licences were issued
886 new motorcycle licences were issued
Seventy two new vehicle licences were issued everyday between April and June this year, amounting to a total of 6,448 within the three-month period, data obtained from Transport Malta has shown.

Passenger cars made up the majority of new vehicle licences, with 4,751 (73.7%) being issued. This was followed by motorcycles, with 886 being issued.

Newly-licensed ‘new’ motor vehicles amounted to 3,132, marking 48.6% of the total, and newly licensed ‘used’ motor vehicles totalled 3,316. An average of 71 vehicles per day were newly licensed during the quarter under review.

At the end of June, the stock of licensed motor vehicles stood at 365,483 up by 1.1% over the previous quarter. Of these, 78.6% of the total stock of licensed vehicles were passenger cars, 13.5% were commercial vehicles, 6.7% were motorcycles or quadricycles and ATV’s, while buses and minibuses accounted for less than one%. During this quarter the stock of licensed vehicles has increased at an average rate of 43 vehicles per day .

221,273 vehicles, 60.5% of the total, had petrol engines. Vehicles with diesel engines reached 141,975, that is, 38.8% of the total.