New Head of Support, Head of Business Solutions at APS Bank

Alexander Camilleri and Lisa Farrugia will ‘bring a wide breadth of experience to their role in such transformative times’, the bank said

21 August 2017, 4:20pm
Alexander Camilleri (left) and Lisa Azzopardi (right)
Alexander Camilleri (left) and Lisa Azzopardi (right)
APS Bank has announced it has appointed a new Head of Support and Head of Business Solutions, as part of its continued restructuring.

Alexander Camilleri, formerly the Senior Manager for the Support Department, has been promoted to Head of Support, while Lisa Farrugia has joined the bank as its new Head of Business Solutions.

Camilleri, who will be responsible for the bank’s security, logistics, maintenance and procurement, will also be leading the team that will oversee the bank’s Digitisation and Document Management project, as well as its Branch Transformation Programme.

In a statement, the bank said Camilleri holds a B.A. in accountancy from the University of Malta and is a Certified Public Accountant and Auditor.

“Following a four-year tenure with one of the Big 4 accounting firms, he joined APS Bank in 2001 and over the years served in Internal Audit, Finance & Corporate Strategy Department and co-managed the Core Banking System Team during its first phase,” read the statement, adding that in 2012, he had also headed the Bank’s Operations Department - a position he held up to May 2016, when he moved to Support Services.

Farrugia, it said, will be responsible for planning, managing and delivering the Bank’s Information Systems, while also overseeing the bank’s database and data warehouse environments, and digital channels.

Having graduated with a B. Eng (Hons) from the University of Malta in 2007, Azzopardi when on to obtain an M.Sc. in Business Informatics from the University of Reading. She subsequently held positions with Accenture Technology in The Netherlands and as a QA Engineer for Experian in the UK, and has held senior positions at Vodafone Malta, most recently as Quality Assurance and Information Security Manager.

“Both Alexander and Lisa will bring a wide breadth of experience to their role in such transformative times brought on by fast-paced business shifts and the ever-evolving customer requirements”, said the bank.