Smash TV files injunction against Melita's 'discriminatory' switch to digital

Paola-based TV station Smash says Melita's discontinuing of analogue broadcasts would remove the level playing field and cause the station considerable damages

Matthew Agius
4 September 2017, 5:13pm
The injunction was filed by lawyer and Smash TV presenter, Emmy Bezzina
The injunction was filed by lawyer and Smash TV presenter, Emmy Bezzina
The company behind local analogue TV station Smash TV has filed an urgent injunction against a local cable operator’s switch to digital-only broadcasts, describing the move as “discriminatory.”

Smash Communications Ltd filed the warrant of prohibitory injunction against Melita, having received a letter from the telecoms provider's CEO, Harald Rösch, in August, informing it that the cable TV and internet service provider would be going ahead with plans to upgrade its local digital infrastructure and discontinue analogue TV broadcasts.

The company said it estimated that only around 2000 of its customers still used analogue TV and that these had been offered to switch to digital on advantageous terms.

The switch to digital is scheduled to take begin tomorrow , when a number of frequencies, including that carrying Smash, will be transferred for use in digital networks.

The TV station called upon the First Hall of the Civil Court  to stop the company from making the switch “without the authorisation of the competent authorities.” This would be discriminatory against the plaintiff company by removing the “level playing field” and would result in it suffering considerable damages, the station argued. 

Lawyer Emmy Bezzina signed the application for the injunction.


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