Two charged over violent Fgura mugging

Two unemployed men are remanded in custody after being accused of mugging a woman in Fgura on Tuesday morning, amongst other additional charges

Matthew Agius
7 September 2017, 4:00pm
A court has remanded two unemployed men in custody after they were accused of mugging a woman in Fgura for her gold necklace on Tuesday morning.

Police Inspectors Carlos Cordina and Spiridione Zammit charged Kevin Borg 35, from Qawra and Anthony Borg, 40, from Cospicua with theft that was aggravated by violence and value, as well as with handling stolen goods. 

Anthony Borg alone was also charged with breaching a suspended sentence that he had been handed in February this year, while Kevin Borg was additionally charged with being in possession of burglary tools despite a conviction for theft, altering a vehicle's number plate, making use of a falsified vehicle registration certificate and road license as well as relapsing.

Defence lawyer Martin Fenech entered a plea of not guilty and asked for the men's release from arrest.

The prosecution objected to the request for their release, with Inspector Cordina arguing that the victim was yet to testify and that both accused men have criminal records with relevant convictions.

Fenech replied that the men were innocent until proven guilty. “This crime was not as grievous as being said and the victim wasn't even injured.”

The court, however, upheld the prosecution's arguments and remanded the men in custody, whilst urging the police to summon all their civilian witnesses to testify in the next sitting.

As the accused require medical treatment for drug addiction, the court also recommended that the director of Corradino Prison detain the men at the forensic unit at Mount Carmel Hospital.

Court reporter Matthew Agius is a Legal Procurator and Commissioner for Oaths. Prior to re...