London Parsons Green tube attack: second man arrested

The suspect, 21, named as Yahyah Farroukh, is thought to be from Syria and reportedly lived with other arrested man

18 September 2017, 3:31pm
Second suspect arrested over London Tube terrorist attack (Photo: RT)
Second suspect arrested over London Tube terrorist attack (Photo: RT)
The second man to be arrested by police with regards to the Parsons Green terror attack has been named as Yahyah Farroukh.

Images showed the 21-year-old being stopped by officers in front of a chicken shop, in the Hounslow area of west London on Saturday evening. Metropolitan officers were still searching the area as of Monday morning.

Officers were also in the process of searching an address, understood to be Farroukh’s home in nearby town of Stanwell, in Surrey, just metres from the outer boundaries of Heathrow airport. Farroukh was the second person to be arrested. As of yet, the other 18-year-old male was stopped by officers near the port of Dover on Friday evening.

According to a Facebook profile, believed to be of Farroukh, he is originally from Damascus, Syria and studied English for speakers of other languages.

It was reported that he and the 18-year-old had spent time with carers, whose home in Surrey was raided by armed police on Saturday morning. That address, as well as those in Stanwell and Hounslow, were all still being searched by counter-terrorism investigators.

Yahyah Farroukh was arrested in Hounslow on Saturday (Photo:
Yahyah Farroukh was arrested in Hounslow on Saturday (Photo:
Images published on Sunday night appeared to show Farroukh being arrested by police in Hounslow after a struggle, and officers are understood to have begun searching the chicken shop soon after.

An unnamed witness came forward to say: “The guy had just walked past the takeaway when three blokes and a woman came running past and he was rugby-tackled to the floor.

“My mates and I thought he was getting jumped. We were going to help him but they shouted ‘undercover police’ so we stepped back.

“The guy was screaming. When they took him down his phone went flying and he dropped his bag containing a drink can and a KitKat. The cops were shouting to get his phone. I guess because it holds important information.

“A forensic team wrapped his arms in plastic up to his biceps and his legs up to his thighs. They put plastic on his shoes then put him in overalls and plastic cuffs. They put him in a car which also had all the seats wrapped in plastic.”

ITV news released new footage on Sunday, which showed a man leaving the Sunbury house on the morning of the terror attack. He was carrying a bag that resembled the one pictured in the tube carriage, prompting speculation that he was responsible, at least in part, for the attack.