Donald Trump warns US may have to 'totally destroy' North Korea

US President describes Kim Jong-un as a 'rocket man' on a suicide mission, in his first speech to the UN General Assembly


19 September 2017, 5:29pm
US President Donald Trump addresses the UN General Assembly
US President Donald Trump addresses the UN General Assembly
In an inflammatory debut speech to the UN General Assembly, US President Donald Trump has warned of the threat from "rogue nations," out North Korea and Iran.

Trump warned that  America would destroy North Korea if it was forced to defend itself or its allies. Pouring scorn on the North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un, Trump said : "Rocket man is on a suicide mission."

THe speech comes as North Korea has been testing nuclear warheads and delivery systems with increasing frequency, in defiance of the UN.

Iran also fell foul of the US president, who described it as a "corrupt dictatorship" intent on destabilising the Middle East. Calling his predecessor’s deal over Iran’s own nuclear programme an embarrassment,  Trump called on the government in Tehran to put an end to it’s support of terrorism.

In other parts of his speech he said the US could "no longer be taken advantage of or enter one-sided deals" and emphasised the importance of "strong sovereign nations" to the maintenance of international order.

He also said that some nations were "going to Hell" but the UN could help them.
America could not stand by and watch the unfolding crisis in Venezuala, which is led by a leftwing government that is hostile to the US, he said, as he denounced socialism, claiming that it had only brought "anguish and devastation and failure."