Mount Carmel patients living in 'chaotic and tense atmosphere'

People are sleeping on mattresses on the floor and no protocols exist, according to the former health minister

Denise Grech
21 September 2017, 10:28am
MP Godfrey Farrugia
MP Godfrey Farrugia
Mount Carmel patients are sleeping on mattresses on the floor, in a "chaotic and tense atmosphere", PD candidate and MP Godfrey Farrugia has alleged.

"There are 10 beds in the halls, but there is almost twice the amount of patients,” Farrugia said. “People are sleeping on mattresses left in the halls."

In a letter to the Health Commissioner, Farrugia claimed the rights of patients in Mount Carmel are being violated.

A "chaotic and tense atmosphere" emerged after the halls segregating men and women became mixed. No strict protocol is in place and mental health nurses want to avoid working there, he said.

“The hospital had to resort to hiring contract nurses…some of whom are not specialised in the area,” he said. These nurses are trying their hardest to make do, he continued.

Patients smoke inside, much to the detriment of other patients and staff, since there is no outdoor area for patients to go to.

Farrugia called on the Health Commissioner launch an investigation.