Irishman pleads guilty after wedding punch-up

The 25 year-old was charged with causing injuries to another wedding guest and disturbing the peace

Matthew Agius
29 September 2017, 5:00pm
A scuffle at a wedding in Gharghur last night has earned one of the guests a suspended sentence. 

25 year-old Irishman Mark Gray was arraigned before magistrate Doreen Clarke this morning, charged with causing slight injuries to one of the other wedding guests, using force with intent to insult or annoy, pushing two guests in the street with intent to hurt or insult the guests and breaching the public peace.

Prosecuting police Inspector Roderick Spiteri confirmed the charges on oath, explaining that the incident had occurred at 2am this morning, as guests had been leaving a wedding reception which had started at 4pm the day before.

“Everyone was under the influence. The person who suffered injuries had provoked an argument and the accused had hit him and might have also hit the man’s female companion,” Spiteri said.

Gray, who renounced to his right to legal assistance in the proceedings, pleaded guilty to the charges, reaffirming his admission after being warned by the court that the charges carried a possible prison term.

The court handed the Irishman a one month prison sentence, suspended for one year, warning him that if he were to commit any other offence, anywhere in the EU, in the coming 12 months, he would be made to serve the one month prison sentence.

Court reporter Matthew Agius is a Legal Procurator and Commissioner for Oaths. Prior to re...