Edwin Vassallo to contest PN deputy leadership election

Edwin Vassallo, the only MP to vote againsy the introduction of gay marriage in 2016, has met PN leader Adrian Delia to confirm his intention to run for deputy leader

Denise Grech
30 September 2017, 9:25am
Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo has announced on social media that he will be contesting the election for PN deputy leader for parliamentary Affairs.

PN whip David Agius is the only other MP who so far is reported will contest the role.

Vassallo said that “the party is calling on him” to work towards unity and strengthening the party.

The MP, who made headlines when he was the only parliamentary member to vote against gay marriage in 2016, said he would continue working to win back people’s trust.

Vassallo has already met with PN leader Adrian Delia, during which they discussed how they could unify the party.

“During my meeting with Delia, I expressed my loyalty to the party and showed that I am willing to give up my interest in the election if David Agius does so too, in order to allow MP Chris Said to be appointed as deputy leader,” he said.