Work on University tunnel causing cyclists frustration

Bicycling group urges authorities to give people on foot a viable alternative when carrying out road works

Staff Reporter
3 October 2017, 1:17pm
The cycling commuter group Bicycling Advocacy Group (B.A.G.) have vented their frustration at the simultaneous undertaking of work on the roundabout under the Kappara flyover, and the University tunnel, which has lead to both shortcuts to Sliema and Gzira, popular with pedestrians and cyclists, being closed off at the same time.

The B.A.G., in a press release, have called this “Transport Malta’s latest failure to plan for people on foot and bicycles”. They are calling on the regulator and Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg to increase efforts to finish work on either of the two entry-points before starting any further work on the car lanes.

According to the B.A.G., university staff have noticed that nobody seemed to have been working on the tunnel – which is a popular shortcut also for students who drive – in the past few days.

The group added that “we have to learn to give people on foot a viable alternative, even for temporary works. It all boils down to poor project management and a lack of professional empathy with anyone other than those driving a car”.

It also noted that a similar situation was also created during work on the Gudja roundabout, when both pavements were closed off by the contractor at the same time, leaving pedestrians no alternative but to walk on the road.