Peter Micallef resigns parliamentary seat minutes after being sworn in

The family doctor who was elected to parliament this morning said he was happy to be facilitating ‘a complete’ parliament, as he paved the way for the co-option of Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia 

Yannick Pace
3 October 2017, 6:26pm
Jean-Pierre Debono (left) and Peter Micallef (right) at the counting hall on Tuesday morning
Jean-Pierre Debono (left) and Peter Micallef (right) at the counting hall on Tuesday morning
Peter Micallef resigned his parliamentary seat this evening, minutes after being sworn in by Speaker Anglu Farrugia and paving the way for the co-option of newly-elected Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia.

Micallef, a family doctor from Zebbug, was elected to parliament in a casual election held this morning to fill the parliamentary seat vacated by Jean-Pierre Debono. Debono resigned his seat in order to make way for Delia.

After being sworn in, Opposition whip David Agius asked the permission’s speaker for Micallef to make a short statement.

He said that he was satisfied to have been re-elected to parliament, while taking Jean-Pierre Debono for taking the “wise and difficult” decision he had taken, while taking voters who had voted for him, especially those on the seventh district, from which he was elected.  

“I would also like to pay tribute to the Honourable Simon Busuttil who I worked with during the last legislature and who gave everything for the good of the party,” said Micallef.

“A person being a member of parliament means that they are of service to the nation that put its faith in them. I’m sure none of us are here for ourselves,” said Micallef, adding that the role of an MP was one that came with a great deal of satisfaction and “one that brings you closer to the people”.

Micallef acknowledged that he was in parliament in order to make way for Delia.

“This way we will have a complete parliament, with a government administrating and a constructive opposition, looking out for interests of country,” he added. “I am happy to be contributing to this and I ask you Mr Speaker, to accept my resignation.“

The speaker then proceeded to read out Micallef’s letter of resignation, which he tabled in parliament.

“I have followed you and I understood you,” said Farrugia, as Micallef left the chamber.

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