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Another win for Corito

The seventh event since the European Boxing Federation (EBF) and local promoter Paul Borg started organising boxing contests between Maltese and foreign amateur and semi-pro boxers was another entertaining experience with Maltese boxers faring just one better at the end of the show.

10 November 2013, 12:00am
Malta’s Billy Corito hits hard to knock-out Austrian boxer Florian Guttmann and have yet another ‘early finish’ to his fight. (Photo: Keith Borg – Lux Moments)

By Wilfred Sultana

However the biggest attraction on the well attended night was another dominating performance by Maltese Boxer Billy Corito who was having his second fight as a professional boxer. In just two minutes and two seconds of the first round the ‘Hit Man' knocked-out Austrian boxer Florian Guttmann to continue with his impressive feats. The fight which should have lasted eight rounds of three minutes each was under the control of referee Charlie Cardona. The fight was sanctioned by the Malta Boxing Council.

Present for Friday's Big Night of Boxing held at the Monte Cristo Estates in Hal Farrug were Eva Rolle President of the Malta Boxing Council and James Ward Secretary and Matchmaker of the European Boxing Federation.

The nine supporting bouts on the Fight Card, which also included a number of ‘Belts' determining encounters, were each made up of four sessions of two minutes each session. The full results were:

1. Welterweight - Duncan Calleja v Greg Harwood (EBF) - winner Calleja; 2. Middleweight - Goran Bogdanovic v Rich Davies (EBF) - winner Bogdanovic; 3. Welterweight - Etienne ‘Buddy' Spiteri v Naheem Chaundry (EBF) - winner Spiteri; 4. Middleweight - Renald Tabone v Lawrence Wade (EBF) - winner Tabone; 5. Super Bantamweight - Lyndon Chircop v Paul Gubb (EBF) - draw/ Chircop retained EBF Super Bantamweight International Title; 6. Light Middle Weight - Brandon Borg v Aiden Whittle (EBF) - winner Whittle/ won EBF Light Middle Weight International Title; 7. Super Middle Weight - Dione Galea v Morgan Jackson (EBF) - winner Jackson/ won EBF Super Middle Weight International Title; 8. Heavyweight - Shaun ‘il Pasu' Attard v Scott Curtis (EBF) winner Attard; 9. Heavyweight - Michael Carter v Reece Jones (EBF) - winner Jones.

The main sponsor of this Night of Boxing is Fortina Spa Resort with other support being extended by RE/MAX, MedAsia, Golden Harvest, Badass Burgers, Barcelona Café, TeamsporT, Notebook Centre (San Gwann) and London Butcher-Gzira.