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Charlotte Wingfield wins gold once more during the Small Nations Games

Charlotte Wingfield won another gold medal during the Women’s 200m and broke a national record after registering a time of 23.78 seconds.

Warren Zammit
3 June 2017, 5:32pm
Charlotte Wingfield. Photo: Dominic Borg
Charlotte Wingfield. Photo: Dominic Borg
The twenty-two year old finished the race ahead of Gudbjorg Jona Bjarnadottir of Iceland who won silver. The bronze medal was won by Patrizia Van Der Weken of Luxembourg.

A bronze medal was also won by Ian Paul Grech in the men’s triple jump. In addition, Rebecca Sare` also won another bronze medal during the women’s triple jump.

The third bronze medal of the day was won during the men’s skeet as Vasilev Bozhidar placed third.

Following these results, Malta’s tally of medals went up to 28.

The Small Nations Games will come to an end this evening with the closing ceremony. Gold medallist Gianluca Chetchuti will be Malta’s flag bearer.