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All articles • 'capitalone'
Fiduciary at heart of CapitalOne saga fined €16,000 for breach of Trusts Act
Business News 07-04

MFSA fines Baltimore Fiduciary €16,000 for breach of Trusts Act after audit was requested by FIAU

CapitalOne | Beppe Fenech Adami should publish bank statements, Labour says
National 22-03

The Labour Party has suggested that the Nationalist MP's bank account balance increased substantially during the period when money laundering investigations were ongoing 

CapitalOne, the ‘hot potato’ nobody wanted to handle
National 07-03

A lack of guidance from police top brass showed there was no will to investigate a possible money laundering case after the name of a PEP – Beppe Fenech Adami – cropped up during preliminary investigations 

PM sends CapitalOne inquiry to FIAU, Fenech Adami: ‘no interference on my part’
National 03-03

Nationalist MP Beppe Fenech Adami says CapitalOne inquiry shows he did not interfere in police investigation of January 2013

CapitalOne | ‘Serious shortcoming’ by police not to pursue money laundering case • Not excluded investigation stopped when Fenech Adami’s name cropped up
National 03-03

CapitalOne Inquiry says it cannot confirm or exclude possibility that police did not take forward investigation when Beppe Fenech Adami’s name cropped up as the director of a fiduciary

[WATCH] CapitalOne inquiry: report to be published ‘in coming days’
National 27-02

Joseph Muscat pledges to publish CapitalOne inquiry in the coming days, after receiving all the 'necessary advice'  

Fenech Adami scoffs at suggestion Europol could investigate CapitalOne case
National 23-02

Nationalist Party insists Prime Minister Joseph Muscat must face allegations that his minister may have setup offshore accounts for money laundering purposes 

Government yet to publish CapitalOne inquiry report
National 21-02

Office of the Prime Minister it will ‘eventually’ publish the inquiry’s report after analysing the document

Inquiry probing CapitalOne police investigation extended
National 20-01

Government approves four-week extension of independent inquiry into alleged money laundering launched following MaltaToday revelations that police had failed to pursue investigations

Fenech Adami and Tonio Fenech on list of Panama Papers committee invitees
National 19-01

EPP says Labour lobbying for Nationalist MPs to be included in Panama Papers delegation meetings

CapitalOne | ‘Nobody believes Fenech Adami was unaware of fiduciary’s business affairs’
National 22-12

Labour Party says PN deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami knew too well his duties as a fiduciary director, and that claims that he was unaware of Baltimore Fiduciary’s business affairs are ‘not believable’

Fenech Adami reiterates denials in CapitalOne inquiry hearing
National 21-12

PN deputy leader publishes declaration released to CapitalOne inquiry board investigating police investigation that went cold before March 213 election

Minister unconvinced by Fenech Adami’s denial on CapitalOne case
National 27-10

Nationalist MP Beppe Fenech Adami denies having ever interfered with 2013 police investigations, Carmelo Abela not convinced

On judging others by one’s yardstick
Editorial 27-10

The implications of Simon Busuttil’s attack are that any press story which negatively portrays his own party, is automatically an attack on democracy itself

Convicted Greek fraudster wanted Malta bank licence
National 25-10

CapitalOne investigation makes headlines in Greece since it was revealed that Maltese police were investigating alleged money laundering passing through the company of Ioannis Moustos, convicted in 2007 of securties fraud

Panama inquiry should follow CapitalOne inquiry
Letters 19-10

Joseph Muscat should appoint a truly independent inquiry in order to find out where money that Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi wanted to place in secret offshore Panama companies came from

Politics is a full-time job
Editorial 18-10

The troubles engulfing former Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi stem from his handling of private financial interests while wearing a political hat

CapitalOne inquiry: director Richard Abdilla Castillo resigns ahead of Premier bond issue
Business News 17-10

Richard Abdilla Castillo, who ran company suspected by police in money laundering investigation, resigns Premier Capital and Hili Group directorships

Fenech Adami’s defence on CapitalOne: ‘I was not involved, I was not paid for my role’
National 17-10

Beppe Fenech Adami insisted he was not paid for his directorship, and that he was never consulted on Baltimore’s management of CapitalOne’s affairs

Shooting the messenger
Editorial 13-10

It is a common tactic to respond to politically turbulent press stories by simply attacking or undermining the medium that printed them

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