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All articles • 'divorce'
‘Gay marriage leads to abortion’... but only under Labour
Blogs 11-07

Busuttil, or any other leader, past or present, can change his own views as much as he likes. By no means does it follow that great chunks of the PN support-base will follow suit

Dignifying lives
Blogs 16-05

PL candidate Nikita Alamango writes: When your partner is in his or her hospital deathbed, and you are prevented from being at his/her side because you are not “legally” related, it doesn’t matter whether you are red or blue, the suffering is equally painful

The demographic of vulnerable divorcees
Blogs 03-04

The question is: should a woman be compensated for having stayed at home to look after the children, making it possible for the husband to be successful (especially if he’s a businessman)?

Maltese bishops shock as critics warn of ‘meltdown’ over teaching on divorcees
National 30-01

From traditionalists to canonists and cardinals, Malta’s bishops dropped jaws with an interpretation of Francis’s call to priests to open the door to divorced Catholics

Children's wishes should be given more weight in separation cases, PL whip says
National 25-01

PL whip Godfrey Farrugia calls for change in law to ensure that childrens' wishes are respected in divorce and separation cases

Our Lady smiles, not weeps
Blogs 25-01

During the divorce campaign, I maintained that divorce in Malta was a move in favour of altruism and against egoism

Bishops leave door to communion for divorced Catholics open
National 15-01

New guidelines state that those who are remarried and “at peace with God” may receive communion

Woman granted divorce after discovering Libyan husband had another wife, children
Court & Police 14-01

The couple married in 2002 but the woman filed for separation in 2007, after the man disappeared following her discovery of another family in Libya

1,436 divorces granted by Maltese, Gozitan courts
National 20-10

Majority of divorces granted in 2012, both in Malta and Gozo

Court allows divorce irrespective of claims of non-payment of maintenance
Law Report 19-12

The Family Court upheld a request for divorce, although the former wife claimed that her former husband did not pay her maintenance in full. 

Remarried persons to be a central issue at Rome synod - Bishop Mario Grech
National 01-10

Bishop of Gozo 'hopes that one of the results of the synod would be the rediscovery of the meaning of love in the context of family'

880 couples divorced since law was enacted
National 13-05

86 judgements were handed down in the first four months of 2014

Estranged wife demands €5.5 million in maintenance - gets €33,000
Court & Police 11-03

Husband ordered to pay former wife €33,000 in child support and fines, after wife makes €5.5 million claim.

‘Religio at patria’ no more:  from confessional to secular in just six months
National 21-11

Closing the PN general council, Lawrence Gonzi was set to rebrand his party for modern times. Gonzi is the confessional stance, as a more secular vision is ushered in.
Updated | PN to dump anti-divorce stance
National 18-11

Updated basic principles accepts 'different bonds of families'
Pullicino Orlando, divorce law promoter, gets his divorce
National 10-11

Divorce granted to separated MPs Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and Marlene Pullicino.
Anti-divorce figureheads say emails were stolen, not leaked
National 26-10

Muscat emails | Anti-divorce movement say their private correspondence had been stolen, not leaked to the press.

Church spends €546,000 on ecclesiastiscal tribunal procedures
National 10-10

Ecclesiastical tribunal's Vicar-General says lawyers demand exaggerated fees.

Gonzi ‘weakened by divorce’ – Economist Intelligence report
National 07-09

By voting against divorce the Prime Minister has dented the democratic credentials of his party, a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) says.

Former minister hits out at fire and brimstone monsignor
National 30-08

Nationalist MP Censu Galea is calling on the Church to refute statements made by a priest, Mgr Anton Gauci, who branded MPs who voted for divorce as “heretics” and “on the road to hell.”

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