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All articles • 'divorce'
EFA: referendum was consultative, MPs must vote according to conscience
National 11-06

The ‘father of European Malta’ whose hallmark was putting Malta in the EU after passing a historic referendum, said the divorce referendum was “nothing else but consultative” and that MPs should abide by their consciences when they vote on the divorce bill.

Divorce lobby unfazed by reports of €250,000 Church donation for ‘No’ campaign
National 08-06

The anti-divorce lobby does not appear to be in a hurry to disclose the origins of its referendum campaign funding, after Labour media this week said the Maltese archdiocese provided it with €250,000 in campaign funds.

‘Unacceptable that MPs hide behind conscience’ - AD
National 07-06

Members of Parliament cannot hide behind their consciences but must respect democracy and explain their refusal to honour the will of the people, says Alternattiva Demokratika.

Church and State to commence separation procedures?
National 07-06

After the referendum, the Catholic Church must now confront a new demon: a growing demand for a ‘divorce’ between Church and State

Nationalist MPs to give Gonzi backing against Labour honoraria motion
National 06-06

PN forms committee headed by Tonio Borg to collect amendments from MPs on divorce bill.

A parliamentary circus | Michael Falzon
Interview 06-06

The divorce referendum has put an intractable bind on Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and his increasingly exclusive government, argues former Nationalist minister Michael Falzon.

After the referendum, the winners and the losers
National 06-06

 What comes next for the protagonists of the divorce referendum.

After divorce, Gonzi faces his next test on honoraria motion
National 06-06

Prominent Nationalist members of parliament have told Lawrence Gonzi that he should step down as PN leader and Prime Minister. 

‘Egocentric’ Coleiro Preca had questioned Labour’s stand on honoraria
National 06-06

Labour MP's decision not to contest general elections indicates rupture with leadership.

Conscience vs democracy: Gonzi’s balancing act
National 06-06

A survey of MPs reveals that while all Labour MPs except two will be voting Yes, many Nationalist MPs are in a quandary holding their horses until the Prime Minister’s decides how he will vote. 

Gonzi at crossroads: ‘PN looking like anti-EU Labour in 2003’ - Muscat
National 05-06

Opposition leader Joseph Muscat said Lawrence Gonzi’s government was at a crossroads as the Nationalist Party faces a crisis inside its own party over the result of a consultative referendum on divorce.

Fenech Adami insists on moral distinction between EU, divorce referenda
National 05-06

Former President and Nationalist Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami has stressed the importance that MPs make a clear distinction between political and moral issues, in comparing the 2003 EU referendum with last week’s divorce referendum result.

David Friggieri questions whether it’s all about 'mathematical' democracy
National 04-06

Alternattiva Demokratika spokesperson Daivd Friggieri questioned whether the Nationalist Party vote in Parliament would be based on a “mathematical” decision, and insisted on the difference between the “absolute value of belief and conscience” and the “absolute value of democracy”.

Deborah Schembri's surprise announcement leaves PN speechless
National 04-06

The IVA movement chairman decides to accept an invitation to stand with the Labour party in the next general election and will stand on the 12 district and possibly the 11 district

MPs who don't vote in favour of divorce should resign - AD
National 03-06

Alternattiva Demokratika says MPs not ready to vote in favour of divorce should resign before the vote.

Return of the Hilter meme: post-divorce referendum
National 03-06

The satirical forces strike back with a post-referendum take on the Hitler Downfall meme, via Divorzistan.

Opposition: no talks on divorce vote
National 03-06

Opposition will call division if necessary on vote to approve divorce bill.

Coleiro-Preca won’t contest elections
National 02-06

Anti-divorce campaigner and Labour MP Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca said she will not contest the next general elections.

Nationalist whip David Agius, indirectly urges PM to vote yes
National 02-06

Nationalist parliamentary group Whip David Agius has publicly declared he will vote yes on the divorce bill and has indirectly called on Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi to follow suit.

Gonzi must set example on divorce vote - Muscat
National 02-06

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando says PN must commit itself to official stand to respect referendum result.

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