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All articles • 'divorce'
AD appeals for a ‘yes’ vote for a second chance at happiness
Divorce Referendum 26-05

Alternattiva Demokratika appeals to voters to resist the fear campaign and vote yes on Saturday.

[SURVEY] Yes vote ahead by a whisker
Divorce Referendum 26-05

Too close to call, outcome depends on mobilisation of voters.

Iva chairperson Deborah Schembri writes to women ahead of referendum
Divorce Referendum 26-05

Iva movement chairperson Deborah Schembri has told women in a letter she sent to electors, easing fears of maintenance and alimony rights being lost with the introduction of divorce.

Muscat delivers last appeal for 'Yes' vote in divorce referendum
Divorce Referendum 26-05

Opposition and Labour leader Joseph Muscat has delivered his last appeal ahead of Saturday’s divorce referendum, urging Maltese to give children in broken families, a chance to be treated equally to children living in stable families.

'Jesus will be watching over you in voting booth' - Catholic 'No' camp
Divorce Referendum 26-05

"You will be alone in the polling booth on Saturday, but Jesus will be with you and he will be watching you," movement Kristu Iva, Divorzju Le said today in a last address before Saturday’s divorce referendum.

Mystic Angelik delivers Virgin Mary’s message to vote against divorce
Divorce Referendum 26-05

Borg in-Nadur mystic Angelik Caruana says Virgin Mary delivered anti-divorce message today.

‘No’ movement unhappy with JPO ‘spiritual terrorism’ comment
Divorce Referendum 26-05

Moviment Zwieg Bla Divorzju has condemned divorce bill promoter Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando’s description of Church efforts to influence the divorce vote as “spiritual terrorism”.

Divorce Referendum 2011 newsblog
Divorce Referendum 26-05

MaltaToday's cheat sheet for divorce for the countdown to the 28 May referendum.
Galea Salomone: divorce does not affect religious marriage
Divorce Referendum 25-05

Catholic marriages fall by 25% since 1991 as civil marriages increase by 233% over 20 years.

Referendum is Catholics' chance to be protagonists in their own church
Divorce Referendum 25-05

“No law can guarantee indissolubility of marriage. The causes of real marriage collapse lie elsewhere,” say pro-divorce Catholics.

More Air Malta options for voters abroad
Divorce Referendum 25-05

Air Malta is offering more options to Maltese eligible voters living abroad to travel to Malta to vote in the upcoming referendum of the 28th May.

Electoral Commissioner grants observer status to Greens after letter to PM
Divorce Referendum 25-05

UPDATE 3 | Electoral Commissioner gives observer status to European Greens after formal letter to Prime Minister.

Misleading ‘specimen’ voting ballots being circulated
Divorce Referendum 25-05

Anti-divorce leaflets posing as genuine instructional voting documents are being circulated in households, urging people to vote ‘no’ to “vote properly.”

Fear factor gives NO camp a final push
Divorce Referendum 25-05

Polls separately conducted by MISCO and the Malta Labour Party are showing a late but consistent swing in favour of the no camp in the final days of the campaign.

Many would agree with divorce ... if it's 'consensual'
Divorce Referendum 24-05

Zwieg bla Divorzju spokesperson Arthur Galea Salomone says the divorce bill is "an imposition" but people say it would have been a different story if the divorce was “consensual”.

Cohabitation after separation ‘not a lasting condition’
Divorce Referendum 24-05

Women opposing annulment and divorce over fear that husbands will remarry, often choose to remarry themselves, Deborah Schembri said.

PN’s Mument misquoted Australian study, expert: ‘most children are not adversely affected by divorce’
Divorce Referendum 24-05

The Australian study on divorce given front-page prominence by Il-Mument which said children of divorce would start smoking pot, was gravely misquoted.

It’s now or never | Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando
Interview 24-05

Pro-divorce campaigner and founder of the Iva Movement Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando believes that if the No movement prevails in the 28 May referendum, Malta will not see divorce introduced in the foreseeable future

Divorce satire gets lease of life on Facebook [SLIDESHOW]
Divorce Referendum 24-05

While it may not have incited the same level of social upheaval as it did in Tunisia and Egypt some months ago, Facebook has proven itself to be an unprecedented jumping off point for local amateur satirists. 

Constitutional ruling confirms Iva's 'misleading campaign' - Zwieg Bla Divorzju
Divorce Referendum 23-05

Moviment Zwieg bla Divorzju said the ruling of the Constitutional Court has confirmed “the misleading campaign the movement in favour of divorce has embarked on".

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