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All articles • 'divorce'
BA censors pro-divorce spots over complaint from Cana Movement founder
Divorce Referendum 13-05

Clips of statements by Moviment Cana founder Mgr Charles Vella speaking on civil divorce were taken off the air by the Broadcasting Authority despite being approved, says Moviment Iva.

BA refutes claims of impartiality, slams undue ‘pressure’
Divorce Referendum 13-05

The Broadcasting Authority dismissed claims of discrimination by Moviment Zwieg Bla Divorzju and said it “cannot subject itself to this sort of pressure by any movement.”

Divorce should come before cohabitation regulation, says Moviment Iva
Divorce Referendum 13-05

Regulating cohabitation before providing the option for separated couples to divorce and remarry would “institutionalise social chaos”, says pro-divorce lobby chairperson and family lawyer Dr Deborah Schembri.

Updated | Children's Commissioner misinterpreted my study on divorce' - psychologist
Divorce Referendum 13-05

The author of a study on the effects of divorce on children cited by the Commissioner of Children has rejected the misinterpretation of the her work.

Gonzi refuses to publish cohabitation bill draft before referendum
Divorce Referendum 13-05

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando asks PM to reveal cohabitation bill before divorce referendum.

Iva calls on UHM to investigate reports of intimidation
Divorce Referendum 12-05

Pro-divorce lobby Moviment Iva has called on the Union Haddiema Maghqudin to investigate reports of intimidation and threats on pro-divorce sympathisers and activists.

Pro divorce Catholics launch movement, 'we have duty to avoid State-imposed morality'
Divorce Referendum 12-05

A new pro-divorce Catholic movement has announced its impending launch this week, stressing that Catholics are duty-bound to ensure that no morality is imposed on the whole population.

Catholics must vote in line with Church teachings – Archbishop
Divorce Referendum 12-05

Catholic believers’ voting decision must be consistent with their beliefs and the teachings of the Church, says Archbishop Paul Cremona.

Cana president, 'Are marriages going to last until you're a size 10?'
Divorce Referendum 11-05

The first televised debate between the two sides in the divorce referendum was held on PBS this evening.

Divorce is no civil right for Moviment Iva if bill is withdrawn – Zwieg bla Divorzju
Divorce Referendum 11-05

PN says Prime Minister willing to meet Moviment Iva
Divorce Referendum 11-05

Representatives of the pro-divorce lobby today complained of not having been granted a meeting with the prime minister.

Pullicino Orlando says President is reviewing cohabitation bill
Divorce Referendum 11-05

If it is ready, why hasn't the draft law on cohabitation been published? Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando asks.

€35 Air Malta flights for divorce referendum
National 11-05

Travel arrangements are being made for eligible voters living abroad to enable them to vote in Malta at the forthcoming Referendum on 28 May 2011.

Prime Minister, ‘Society must bow its head to the family’
Divorce Referendum 11-05

Lawrence Gonzi claims referendum decision is “irreversible”.

Children's Commissioner accused of distorting divorce study
Divorce Referendum 11-05

Studies cited by the Children's Commissioner to suggest higher incidence of mental health problems in children from divorced families actually show the opposite: that "most children do well" after divorce, and that "to suggest otherwise is to provide an inaccurate interpretation of the research findings." 

Bencini - Deborah Schembri should seek legal redress on tribunal ban
Divorce Referendum 10-05

Constitutional lawyer and anti-divorce activist Austin Bencini advises pro-divorce lobbyist Dr Deborah Schembri to seek legal redress over her unceremonious ‘ban’ from the Ecclesiastic Tribunal.

Zwieg bla Divorzju insists Moviment Iva wants divorce 'without reason'
Divorce Referendum 10-05

Anti-divorce lobby Zwieg Bla Divorzju is insisting that the pro-divorce camp Moviment Iva has "confirmed" that the draft divorce bill leads to “unjustified” and “imposed” divorce.

Children's Commissioner makes her case against divorce
Divorce Referendum 09-05

Commissioner for Children Helen D’Amato warns against “extremism” in how children’s issues are addressed in the divorce campaign.

Schembri accuses anti-divorce lobby of employing fear tactics
Divorce Referendum 09-05

Moviment Iva chairperson Deborah Schembri has accused the anti-divorce lobby Zwieg bla Divorzju of running its campaign on “fear and misinformation”.

Zwieg bla Divorzju says Moviment Iva removed unpopular divorce ad
Divorce Referendum 09-05

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