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All articles • 'drugs'
Philippines police kill 32 in bloodiest night of Duterte’s war on drugs
World 08:23

Duterte’s death toll over the war on drugs continue to rise as 32 people were killed in a series of raids near the capital Manila

Youth detained after pleading not guilty to assaulting a police officer
Court & Police 10-07

A young man has denied charges of breaching bail conditions and assaulting a police officer

Sicily police nab Maltese man carrying 22kg of cocaine and heroin in his car
Court & Police 30-06

A 49-year-old man Maltese man has been arrested while waiting to board the catamaran at Pozzallo, carrying 22kg of cocaine and heroin in his car

Belgian couple admit to importing 10kg of cocaine, as Maltese men deny involvement
Court & Police 20-06

A Belgian couple have admitted to importing 10kg of cocaine from Sicily while two Maltese taxi drivers denied related charges, after an international police operation disrupted a drug trafficking ring on Sunday

Cat-loving Panamanian drug trafficker asks for pet to be jailed with him
Court & Police 14-06

A court was faced with an unusual request this morning, after a man it had just jailed for cocaine possession and trafficking asked to be allowed to take his cat with him in prison

Drugs in Maltese market among least pure in Europe
National 14-06

The purity of illicit drugs available on the Maltese black market is significantly lower than that of drugs in other European countries, according to a country report

Keeping up bingeing tradition: Maltese teens tend to drink more than Europeans
National 12-06

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction’s annual report on Malta finds that fewer people are using heroin, while the number of cocaine users continues to rise

Fuel hawker jailed for drugs, weapons offences after police raid Sliema drug den
Court & Police 25-05

A Sliema fuel hawker has been jailed on drugs and weapons charges this morning, as a result of a police raid on a Sliema garage earlier this week

Nine people arrested on drug charges
Court & Police 24-05

Nine people have been arrested after a police raid yielded numerous firearms and drug-related equipment

No bail for man caught with 90 sachets of drugs in Marsa
Court & Police 12-05

An man has been denied bail on drug trafficking charges after being arrested in possession of over 90 sachets of what police suspect to be hard drugs

Nightclub drug dealer gets 22 months in prison
Court & Police 09-05

A man from Tarxien has been jailed for 22 months and fined €2,000 for possession of a number of drugs near a popular nightclub

Man arrested following drug bust
Court & Police 03-05

A man was arrested yesterday following days of surveillance that led to the discovery of a stash of cocaine

17 arrested overnight for drugs possession
Court & Police 01-05

The amount of drugs seized by the police indicates that the drugs were intended for personal use.

Woman handed conditional discharge for drug possession
Court & Police 28-04

A woman was handed a conditional discharge after a magistrate declared her earlier admission inadmissible as a legal counsel was not present during questioning

Two youths arrested after drug raid at Marsa horse racing track
Court & Police 22-04

The youths, 17 and 18, were found in possession of a 'substantial amount' of sachets containing suspected heroin and cocaine 

Women conditionally discharged, fined €2,000 for selling diuretic pills as ecstasy
Court & Police 17-04

A woman was found guilty of practicing medicine without fulfilling all the necessary conditions after she was caught selling diuretic pills as ecstasy

Man pleading guilty to aggravated theft granted bail to complete rehab programme
Court & Police 05-04

A court has granted bail to a 32-year-old man accused of aggravated theft so that he may complete a rehabilitation programme at San Blas drug rehabilitation centre 

Bonnici mum on ministers involved in Gozo drug case
National 05-04

Justice minister Owen Bonnici would not say whether he had been asked by the Prime Minister if he was one of the ministers, who in 2013 met at the Gozo ministry at night with the father of a person implicated in a drug trafficking case

Italian fined for ‘accidental importation’ of cocaine and cannabis
Court & Police 31-03

An Italian man has been fined after admitting to importing small amounts of cocaine and marijuana, an act which he claimed was partly accidental

Court awards man €2,500 in damages over unassisted police interrogation
Court & Police 23-03

Daniel Gatt was just 18 years when he was arrested in June 2008 and questioned after two women were caught consuming drugs outside a nightclub

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