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All articles • 'joseph muscat'
[WATCH] Tweet lands Prime Minister in Alternattiva's crosshairs
National 14:14

Alternattiva Demokratika has accused the Prime Minister and the Labour Party of breaching legislation regulating the financing of political parties, after the party made use of Girgenti Palace on Saturday

Joseph Muscat says news of car-bomb attack in Msida 'left him trembling'
National 20-02

Prime Minister accuses opposition of trying to politicise car bombing incidents for political gain

‘Silence on Egrant ownership accusations a mistake’, Muscat admits
National 19-02

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat acknowledges he should have listened to those around him and spoken out earlier against claims that he could be the owner of the Panama company

[WATCH] Muscat shies away from condemnation of Turkish clampdown on freedoms
National 17-02

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says the EU’s position on freedom of speech “is clear” as Malta and Turkey sign trade and health agreements 

[WATCH] Joseph Muscat welcomes Turkish counterpart
National 17-02

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim arrived at Auberge de Castille this morning to begin his official visit to the country

[WATCH] Muscat defends new media bill as ‘guaranteeing press freedom’
National 16-02

Joseph Muscat says Chris Cardona’s garnishee order has now been ‘surpassed’ • Argues that he 'won't allow anyone to tarnish country's reputation by saying there's no democracy or freedom of expression'

Muscat dismisses opposition's concerns on blacked-out areas in energy contracts
National 16-02

The Prime Minister says that the previous administration, which had failed to publish contracts it signed with Malta International Airport, Liquigas and Maltco, could not criticise this government which was adhering to its promise of publishing all public contracts

Turkish Prime Minister to sign memorandum of understanding with Malta
National 16-02

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim will be meeting his Maltese counterpart in Malta on Friday to sign a memorandum of understanding, according to a government statement

83 people engaged on ‘trust basis’ at Office of the Prime Minister
National 14-02

23 people placed in a position of trust and 60 people employed as 'persons of trust' at Office of the Prime Minister

Confusing the issues
Blogs 14-02

Joseph Muscat has a well thought out PR strategy while Simon Busuttil and his team are often falling between two stools. Too often

[WATCH] Busuttil rubbishes Muscat's hand of friendship: 'You are a pathological liar'
National 13-02

'I will not accept a hand of friendship from a corrupt government...Muscat must either be a pathological liar or living on a different planet' 

Muscat with message of optimism amid criticism over garnishee order
National 12-02

The government deserves a second mandate not only because it has kept its promises, but because of what it has planned for future, said Muscat

What’s the matter with public opinion?
Blogs 09-02

This government is suffering from a serious case of lack of credibility, but you won’t see any large-scale manifestations of people waving their angry fists in front of Castille any time soon

And isn’t that just a crying shame for Malta?

Land of the brave, home of the ‘pastizz’
Blogs 09-02

Is it down to the nature of our interminable insistence at finding fault with every... last... single... goddamn... ANYTHING that can possibly be turned into a political weapon?

Blaming the interconnector is not good enough
Editorial 09-02

It is Labour’s failure to deliver that is now the issue

[WATCH] Busuttil: Muscat does not even know the ‘ABC’ of what happened with Cardona
National 08-02

Opposition leader insists he does not believe Chris Cardona's version of events • Says government needs to explain how developer was only paying €17 million for ITS land

Muscat: Libya deal addresses people's migration concerns
National 05-02

Prime Minister describes the past week as a ‘historic’ one in which European leaders sought to address the concerns of the people

[WATCH] Muscat adamant Libya deal is the right step: ‘Our first decent shot’
Europe 03-02

Human rights organisations have accused Europe of abandoning humanitarian values but Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is adamant that the Libya deal is the way to go

[WATCH] 'Level-headed' migration plan is first phase before opening humanitarian corridors
Europe 03-02

‘We are not supporting an agreement without knowing the pitfalls… but this is an unprecedented step’ – Joseph Muscat on Libya migration plan

EU migration plans are as bad as Trump’s
Blogs 02-02

If you thought Trump’s travel ban was bad, the EU migration plans pushed by Malta are as inhumane and unlawful 

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