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All articles • 'joseph muscat'
An institutional failure
Editorial 09:32

While correct journalism demands the publication of documentation and proof, proper governance demands prompt rather than delayed action

Endgame on Panama? The week Muscat went all in on a high stakes poker game
National 15:46

The glut of information, daily statements from parties, and a vibrant social media will do much to sway emotions. But facts, surely, are still sacred in this political drama and crisis that has taken over Malta

De Marco: Country at crossroads because of dark shadow cast over its institutions
National 12:47

Nationalist Party deputy leader Mario de Marco says Egrant week is culmination of four years of corruption, the seeds of which were sowed by Joseph Muscat

[WATCH] Joseph Muscat: ‘I swear in God’s name that I will keep telling the truth’
National 11:39

Joseph Muscat at Labour's general conference: 'I am telling the truth and I will continue doing so' • Announces that Malta, tomorrow, will cease making use of heavy fuel oil; set to launch consultation process for the public employment of wardens

Caruana Galizia claims to have both whistleblower and documents, won’t cooperate with inquiry
National 23-04

Daphne Caruana Galizia said she could not risk her source suspecting she was collaborating with the police

Stakes are high: crunch time on Egrant
National 23-04

The stakes are very high for all those involved including Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Opposition leader Simon Busuttil and blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Busuttil says Muscat has conflict of interest in magisterial inquiry ‘cover-up’
National 22-04

Simon Busuttil accuses the Prime Minister of lying five times in 24 hours

Updated | Caruana Galizia refuses to testify at magisterial inquiry on Egrant allegations
National 22-04

Daphne Caruana Galizia refuses to testify to magistrate investigating her allegations that Michelle Muscat owns a Panama company, claiming that inquiry is a sham

[WATCH] Muscat flags more ‘errors’ in transcript of Egrant declaration of trust
National 22-04

Joseph Muscat says transcript published by Daphne Caruana Galizia got his wife’s place of birth and Panama company’s address wrong

Muscat: ‘Declaration claiming Egrant belongs to my wife is fake’
National 21-04

Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil go head-to-head on Xarabank with the Prime Minister revealing ‘two massive mistakes’ in the latest allegations raised by Daphne Caruana Galizia

Muscat: I will look the country in the eye and tell them the truth
National 21-04

Ahead of his debate with the leader of the Opposition, the Prime Minister made a short appearance at the Labour Party general conference

[WATCH] Pilatus chairman will not comment on Azerbaijani clients, ‘Muscat family not clients’
National 21-04

Bank at the heart of allegations surrounding the ownership of Egrant Inc denies that Hearnville, Tillgate and Egrant ever held any accounts in the bank • Nexia BT welcomes magisterial inquiry

[WATCH] Busuttil calls for Muscat's resignation, calls for national protest
National 21-04

Simon Busuttil: 'Malta is in an unprecedented political and constitutional crisis and Joseph Muscat should resign immediately' 

[WATCH] Muscat and Busuttil to face off on Xarabank debate: ‘Today is day of proof’, PM says
National 21-04

'Simon Busuttil is an accomplice in this attempted frame-up,' Prime Minister tells reporters during press conference at Castille

Muscat: Claims that Egrant is my wife’s, ‘biggest political lie in country’s history’
National 20-04

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has denied claims by Daphne Caruana Galizia that his wife is the beneficial owner of secret offshore Panamanian company Egrant • Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says police should investigate

[WATCH] Muscat challenges PN leader to say all he knows on Egrant
National 20-04

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat insists allegations on his involvement in third Panama company are false

Muscat calls for registration of rents, end to ‘entitlement mentality’
National 19-04

Labour leader says the poor and the vulnerable must be given priority for social housing: ‘Time to end entitlement mentality’

Prime Minister learned of Old Mint Street expropriation ‘through the media’
Court & Police 19-04

Testifying in the court case against Marco Gaffarena, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says he only offers ‘a general direction’, with the responsibility falling under the parliamentary secretariat for lands

Prime Minister reiterates denial of secret offshore company links
National 19-04

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat admits that it was an error to remain silent in the wake of insinuations that he was linked with the company

[WATCH] Muscat denies secret Panama company Egrant belongs to him or his relatives
National 18-04

At Labour general conference, Joseph Muscat disassociates himself from rumours linking himself and his relatives with third Panama company 

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