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All articles • 'joseph muscat'
Court dismisses Simon Busuttil’s libel suit over disproven allegations of official driver’s impropriety
Court & Police 16-10

Former PN leader loses libel suit as 2015 PL press release deemed to have been based on facts, but - in a separate case - Busuttil is awarded €2,000 in damages in case against It-Torca editor

[WATCH] Muscat: A budget to repay people for their faith in the government
Budget 2018 09-10

The Prime Minister said that after consolidating its economic position, the government was now investing in the future

If only it was about gender
Blogs 09-10

There is little doubt in my mind that Joseph Muscat’s drive for addressing gender imbalance is not a genuine concern, or an issue he believes in

[WATCH] Soft drinks price to go up as part of waste-return incentive, Muscat reveals
National 08-10

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says price of soft drinks in plastic bottles will go up in a bid to incentivise return of plastic bottles¨• 70% of budget measures derived from Labour Party election manifesto

MaltaToday Survey | Trust gap puts Muscat 29 points ahead, Labour with 25-point lead
Data & Surveys 08-10

50.9% of people trust Muscat, whereas only 22.1% of respondents trust Delia, a MaltaToday survey has found

[WATCH] 'PN’s surprise motion against medical leave for IVF is offensive' – Muscat
National 06-10

Prime Minister questions motive behind debate to challenge medical leave for gay couples seeking sperm donation

[WATCH] GO plc to make €100 million investment over five years
Business News 06-10

The telecoms company said it had doubled the data capacity of submarine cables connecting Malta to the world 

Nationalist Party leader sworn in as member of parliament
National 04-10

Delia was co-opted to parliament following the resignation of Peter Micallef yesterday following a casual election to fill the seat vacated by Jean-Pierre Debono

[WATCH] Joseph Muscat: 'Up to PBS to sack John Bundy'
National 02-10

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on the Bundy controversy: 'They did not ask me for my opinion and I have therefore not said what I would have done'

Prime Minister to present motion for Delia’s co-option on Wednesday, if all goes to plan
National 02-10

The House Business Committee met today, ahead of the re-opening of parliament tonight to plan the parliamentary schedule for the coming month

[WATCH] Partnership with Alibaba Group would be game-changer for future generations – Muscat
National 01-10

The Prime Minister said that for the first time in its history, the country did not need to fix problems from the past, but could work towards creating opportunities for the future

Prime Minister thanks services sector for 'making Malta future-proof'
National 27-09

Muscat said that the success of the economy is 'a testament to the fact that Malta can achieve great things as a nation.'

[WATCH] Muscat will not close hunting season as death toll of protected birds grows
Nature 27-09

Prime Minister says changes to the law rules out his closing of the hunting season unilaterally, as he had done in the past.

[WATCH] Muscat welcomes Adrian Delia to Labour HQ for first face-to-face meeting
National 26-09

Speaking to the press, the Prime Minister alluded to his less than amicable relationship with former PN leader Simon Busuttil, saying that “[Delia’s] meeting was an exercise in confidence building, in the hopes that the frankly bitter experience with the former leader will not repeat itself.”

Fake news website reports Muscat has been hospitalised
National 24-09

Head of Communications Kurt Farrugia, Chief of Staff Keith Schembri and the Office of the Prime Minister have denounced the report.

Muscat: poverty stats shows reversal of damage done by Nationalist administration
National 24-09

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on One Radio says latest poverty data shows economic growth is paying dividends

Muscat speech to United Nations: ‘No peace while extreme poverty exists’
National 22-09

Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat addresses UN General Assembly makes pitch for multilateral action on migration and trafficking

The Muscats meet the Trumps
National 21-09

On the fringe of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Michelle Muscat met US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump

[WATCH] New PN leader takes a leaf out of Joseph Muscat’s book in first mass meeting address
National 21-09

Whether by coincidence or not, the introduction to Adrian Delia’s speech yesterday echoed Joseph Muscat in his first mass rally address upon being elected Labour leader in 2008

Starr Companies to operate EU business from Malta
National 20-09

Talks with the company were initiated last November and were sealed during a visit by Muscat to the company’s offices in New York

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