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All articles • 'joseph muscat'
Labour electoral proposals to be included in budget, PM says
National 13-08

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says that this week’s decision by Fitch to upgrade Malta’s rating to A+ was further proof of the success of the government’s economic strategy

Mixed messages on Brexit
Editorial 10-08

Either we are doubtful that Brexit will happen, or we are poised to take maximum benefit from a Brexit that will certainly happen

Mixed messages on bitcoin from government and MFSA
Business News 09-08

The president of BitMalta said that the MFSA 'might have had some relevance if it were issued five years ago'

Buddies Joseph and Tony reunite following election endorsement
National 07-08

Tony Blair and his wife, Cherie, met Joseph and Michelle Muscat following a day of sightseeing in Valletta and Mdina

Government's 'reformist agenda' continuing to lay groundwork for future success- Muscat
National 06-08

The Prime Minister said the country was today reaping the benefits of the last legislature’s policies and would continue implementing new policies for a ‘futureproof’ country

World’s largest online poker brand Stars opens Malta office
Other Sports 02-08

Stars Group, with 70% of the global market in poker gaming, has set up shop in St Julian’s

Brexit taskforce to be announced ‘in coming weeks’, Prime Minister says
National 30-07

The Brexit taskforce will focus on bringing to Malta the most strategic companies looking to relocate to an EU country following the United Kingdom's departure from the bloc

‘I’m starting to believe Brexit might not happen,’ Muscat tells Dutch newspaper
Europe 27-07

In an interview with Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says he is seeing ‘hopeful signs that indicate things will change’

Seven appeals filed against Magistrate's decision green-lighting money laundering inquiry
Court & Police 27-07

Appeal filed against Magistrate Ian Farrugia’s decision giving the go-ahead for a magisterial inquiry into allegations of money laundering against Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi

Parliament to debate gender quotas after recess
National 23-07

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says that gender quotas is next on the agenda of Parliament, as well as some major appointments including the commissioner for standards in public life

[WATCH] Dubai development mogul in Castille talks
Business News 23-07

Hussain Sajwani, a Dubai development tycoon, had a private meeting with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat at Castille on Friday to discuss potential business investments in Malta

Prime Minister’s chief of staff files police complaint against Opposition leader
Court & Police 20-07

Joseph Muscat’s chief of staff, Keith Schembri, filed police complaint against outgoing PN leader Simon Busuttil over ‘fabrications, calumny and lying under oath’ • Busuttil pledges 'to fight for democracy'

Muscat suggests adding more women MPs in current legislature
National 17-07

Joseph Muscat again makes his case for gender quotas: 'Half of the population is not represented in Parliament...shock therapy is needed'

Muscat given Thursday deadline to respond to Busuttil’s money laundering inquiry request
National 17-07

Simon Busuttil has called for a magisterial inquiry into potential money laundering by Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi 

Unacceptable for half the country not to be represented in parliament – Muscat
National 16-07

The Prime Minister said government intends to work with the Opposition, as well as within the Labour Party’s structures to facilitate increased female participation in politics

[WATCH] Half of Labour Party election candidates to be female by 2027
National 13-07

Through its latest initiative the Labour Party will be offering prospective female candidates the necessary support structures, including family-friendly measures and mentoring, to succeed in politics

Likeability is still a factor in Maltese politics
Blogs 10-07

All candidates have said that they are supported by Muscat. But the truth is only Scicluna was asked to stand by Muscat, Fearne and Dalli were not

PN condemns Muscat’s appointment of l-Orizzont editor
National 08-07

PN: 'Josef Caruana's employment at Castille proves that Joseph Muscat's talk about national unity was nothing wbut empty words'

Muscat: PN’s marriage equality proposal would have created ‘social apartheid’
National 08-07

Joseph Muscat says parliamentary debate on gay marriage bill shows how Labour and PN on 'completely different wavelengths' when it comes to LGBT equality 

Prime Minister inaugurates ‘eternal flame’ monument at Castille
National 07-07

The 'Eternal Flame' monument at Castille Square commemorates Malta's emancipation from colonial powers

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