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All articles • 'joseph muscat'
We want a generation of students for whom coding is second nature – Muscat
Election 2017 21:52

The Prime Minister was answering questions put to him by members of the Labour Party’s youth wing

[WATCH] Muscat: ‘Books can be written about the corruption of Nationalist governments’
Election 2017 19:08

The Prime Minister was referring to comments by PN candidate Salvu Mallia who said that both parties were ultimately corrupt

Politics is there to ‘heal’ unaddressed issues
Blogs 12:58

PN candidate Errol Cutajar writes: Forza Nazzjonali is there to ensure that our country regains the reputation it has lost and ensure that the country really works for everyone

PM won’t speculate on Russian link, insists he received ‘specific’ information on meddling
Election 2017 10:00

On allegations that Russia may be meddling with Maltese elections, Prime Minister reiterates that he had received prior information from foreign intelligence agencies of possible external influence

[WATCH] Joseph Muscat addresses press conference
Election 2017 08:30

Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Joseph Muscat addresses a press conference in Buskett

Muscat: ‘Four years of economic growth, investment are your guarantee of stable future’
Election 2017 24-05

In Paola, Labour leader Joseph Muscat insists that disgruntled voters should not abstain on Election Day

[WATCH] Busuttil’s dithering over IIP true risk to real estate sector, Muscat warns
Election 2017 24-05

Joseph Muscat plays down Malta Files as a 'storm in a teacup' • Recovering cancer patient says Salvu Mallia's insult to PM 'hurt me more than my cancer'

Muscat backs out of Broadcasting Authority press conference
Election 2017 24-05

In an unprecedented move, Joseph Muscat backs out of BA press conference and sends minister Edward Zammit Lewis instead

[WATCH] PL proposes 'Low Wage Commission' to periodically adjust minimum wage
Election 2017 24-05

The Labour Party has proposed establishing a Low Wage Commission, that will recommend adjustments to the minimum wage every four years

[WATCH] Online publication claims Russian meddling, PM says he is aware of allegation
Election 2017 24-05

Specialist website may have added a new twist to the Maltese elections: Russian interference

A one-off opportunity
Blogs 24-05

If Muscat goes, the chances are that Labour won’t be out in the wilderness for a long time

[WATCH] 37,000 voting documents remain uncollected
Election 2017 23-05

Labour leader reiterates appeal for voting documents to be collected 

[WATCH] Muscat: This is the first government that is thinking about future generations
Election 2017 23-05

His government, he said, will have left today's youngsters a legacy of wealth and well thought out plans

Busuttil allegations on Schembri forwarded to new magistrate: PM
Election 2017 23-05

Prime Minister’s office says Simon Busuttil’s new allegations to Egrant inquiry have been forwarded to a new magistrate

New Water treatment facility to reduce dependency on ground water
Nature 23-05

The facility was inaugurated by the Prime Minister who said it would make Malta the first country not to dump raw sewage into the ocean

Prime Minister: Maltese nationals attended Manchester concert, no reports of injured so far
National 23-05

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has confirmed that none of the Maltese nationals in attendance of the Ariana Grande concert have as of yet been reported injured following the terrorist attack

For Muscat, the Labour Party will always be ‘the underdog’
Election 2017 23-05

The Labour Party will always be the ‘underdog’, according to leader Joseph Muscat. Why? ‘Just read the front pages’, he replies

[ANALYSIS] 2013 vs 2017: A tale of two campaigns
Election 2017 23-05

After four years of governing in prose after winning an election where he campaigned in poetry, Muscat tried the blitzkrieg gamble – a short campaign meant to devastate the opposition.  Is it paying off? James Debono asks

Setting the agenda
Blogs 23-05

The PN managing to snatch the initiative from Labour and winning the ‘agenda war’ is a serious setback for Joseph Muscat

[WATCH] Thousands of voting documents not yet collected, Muscat warns
Election 2017 22-05

Labour leader in Hamrun urges voters to collect their voting documents as he warns that ‘thousands of voting documents’ remain uncollected

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