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All articles • 'joseph muscat'
[WATCH] PM tells diplomats EU needs deal with Libya on stemming migrant flow
National 19-01

Joseph Muscat tells Diplomatic Corps that diplomacy is the EU's best weapon against the challenges it faces 

Beyond Good and Evil
Editorial 19-01

All we’ve heard so far is nonsense about good versus evil, and the explosive diatribes of Salvu Mallia

Muscat’s ‘wall’ on migration: 8 key takeaways from his speech to MEPs
Europe 19-01

The former MEP left Brussels to become Labour leader in 2008. Now he addresses the plenary again as Prime Minister as Malta takes the helm of the EU presidency

Jesus, St John and Mahatma Gandhi need YOU
Blogs 19-01

The Universe is depending on YOU – and you alone – to ensure that the Cosmos is saved from the malevolent forces that plot day and night to destroy it once and for all

Updated | Muscat refutes criticism on EU-Libya migrant deal: ‘There is no perfect solution’
Europe 18-01

Unless the essence of the EU-Turkey deal is replicated in the central Mediterranean, then Europe will face another migration crisis, Joseph Muscat tells MEPs

Tusk, Muscat discuss preparations for Malta Summit
National 17-01

Immigration and Brexit were also discussed during the meeting between Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Donald Tusk

Rom-Com 2: The Spurned Lover Strikes Back
Blogs 17-01

Unlike Muscat, whose romance with the EU fizzled into an entirely ordinary marital squabble, Busuttil’s love affair threatens to end in devastating heartbreak for himself

[ANALYSIS] EU Presidency: Joseph’s washing machine, Simon’s punching bag
National 17-01

There are a number of historical ironies in the pitch adopted by Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat as Malta started its six-month term of the rotating EU Presidency, a year before general elections

Simon’s broad church
Blogs 17-01

The so-called ‘colourful language’ of the maverick PN candidate Salvu Mallia has thrown the problem of the tension within Simon Busuttil’s broad church to the fore

EU should speak the language of the people, Muscat insists
National 11-01

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says the European project could be saved from the rise of populism and extreme nationalism, if only the EU started answering the questions asked of it

[WATCH] Inequality is malaise feeding nationalists in Europe, Muscat says
Europe 11-01

Joseph Muscat: 'We should stop blaming people and instead tackle the malaise that's a result of an unequal distribution of wealth inside, but also outside the EU'

Malta’s presidency will be rooted in reality, Muscat tells Juncker
Europe 11-01

'We want Malta’s presidency to be as close as possible to the people,' Prime Minister tells European Commission President

Joseph Muscat looking at 2017 as eventful ‘in a positive way’
National 09-01

Prime Minister reassures social partners that the busy EU Presidency schedule will not interfere with government’s focus on people’s needs

Lessons from London
Blogs 09-01

Some of our arguments about architecture, environmental protection and townscape in Malta must be fuelled by some decent reasoning, not one based on simply preserving everything as it is

Maltese presidency will not distract government’s focus - Muscat
National 08-01

The Prime Minister insists that assuming the Presidency of the EU would not deviate the government from its focus on the quality of life of the citizens.

A year of broken promises
Editorial 05-01

One does not uphold the principle of democracy merely to ensure that only one set of cronies divides the spoils

Updated | PN lambasts Muscat’s ‘blatant hypocrisy’ as fuel prices rise
National 04-01

PN recalls how Joseph Muscat had called a national protest in 2011 over fuel prices that cost the same as they do now...

Last chance to redeem
Editorial 03-01

On Joseph Muscat’s watch, Malta has earned a reputation for corruption and bad governance throughout Europe, and it remains to be seen whether he has the will or even the ability to turn this unfortunate tide

Updated | Muscat pledges to publish power station contract ‘soon’ after end of year promise falls short
National 02-01

Joseph Muscat had pledged to publish all major government contracts by the end of 2016 

Government spends €250 million in excess of budget
National 02-01

The Office of the Prime Minister had originally been allocated €640,000 for travel expenses but then requested a further €1.6 million during the year, bringing the total travel expenses of the OPM to a staggering €2.24 million.

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