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All articles • 'joseph muscat'
Anglu Farrugia reconfirmed speaker as Parliament opens for 13th legislature
National 11:38

Members of parliament will swear an oath of allegiance before the President of the Republic delivers her address to the house

Muscat says EU should ban sale of dinghies to Libya to stem immigration
National 22-06

Joseph Muscat: 'EU countries cannot keep speaking about the need to stop immigration while at the same time allow its companies to export dinghies to Libya' 

A new mandate and a fresh start
Blogs 22-06

A good economy is great, now we expect good governance

Muscat presents €35,000 donation from auctioned personal car
National 21-06

Joseph Muscat's decision to keep his personal car for government business had earned him €28,000 tax-free

A vote for change
Blogs 21-06

A lot of people feel that the country needs a break from politics. The heavy rhetoric of the past year and a half has taken its toll

Reinventing the PN
Blogs 20-06

The negativity of the forces behind the throne at the PN locked it in a position in which it only bothered with attacking the Muscat government with corruption claims – some evidently true, others never proven

Malta is the target here, not Muscat
Blogs 20-06

When Nationalist MEPs encourage their European partners to ‘get tough’ with Malta over tax evasion is to assist in the dismantling of a favourable tax system that they themselves created in the first place

Muscat: People in the public eye should be able to ‘take the heat’
National 19-06

The Prime Minister was responding to questions on Facebook criticism directed at Nationalist Party MEPs

[WATCH] Financial services regulator to continue being strengthened 'under OPM guidance'
National 19-06

The Prime Minister said placing the regulator under the supervision of a parliamentary secretary working within his Office would continue the process of ‘beefing-up’ the institution

Harness and proactively regulate disruptive digital innovations, Muscat urges
Europe 15-06

The Prime Minister told the EU’s digital assembly that Europe must not be afraid to become the blockchain and bitcoin continent

‘I’m going to tell on you’
Blogs 15-06

The way forward for our country is not going to be achieved by this “I’m going to tell on you at the EU” approach. We desperately need real bipartisan agreement to ensure that our institutions are strengthened

[ANALYSIS] The new switchers in the 2017 elections
National 15-06

Surveys held before the general election had already shown two counter swings, one from the PN to the PL and one from the PL to the PN. But was the former underestimated and how could the PN have lost more of its voters than it had already done in 2013?

Muscat: ‘Panama debate shows PN MEPs have learned nothing from election
Europe 14-06

Joseph Muscat: 'PN MEPs are playing the same broken record that the people have rejected...they learned nothing from the election'

Muscat puts up staunch defence as MEPs take Malta to task over tax and Panama
Europe 14-06

MEPs in a poorly-attended debate on the rule of law of Malta take Muscat to task: ‘We will insist that you don’t get off scot-free’ says head of PANA committee

On changing the PN, tread carefully
Blogs 14-06

Manuel Delia has seen 15 years of political action up close. Now, the man ‘who messed up the buses’ says it is time for the PN to rebuild the alliances it lost after the party chose to fight its battle in the media and boardrooms but not in the streets

Behind Muscat’s victory – winning people’s hearts
Blogs 14-06

Professor of psychology Paul A. Bartolo explains that Muscat’s landslide victory is again down to his inclusive discourse and action, and a credibility based on sticking to facts and delivering on promises

[ANALYSIS] Muscat’s exit strategy takes politics into uncharted territory
National 14-06

Joseph Muscat’s surprise declaration that he will not be contesting the next election as Labour leader could open a Pandora’s box for his party

Prime Minister faces grilling by MEPs on Panama Papers, Malta’s rule of law
Europe 14-06

The Labour leader is said to be relishing the opportunity to face MEPs after telling supporters at a victory rally on Saturday that he would be travelling to Strasbourg as the “shield” of his country.

Campaign strategy? What strategy?
Blogs 13-06

The PN seemed to seriously think that attacking Joseph Muscat, on its own, would somehow magically translate into support for their own party

Muscat now faces MEPs in debate on rule of law
National 12-06

On Wednesday, MEPs will line up to put their questions to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on his country’s follow-up on the Panama Papers and the rule of law: some sparks will fly…

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