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All articles • 'joseph muscat'
Updated | Brexit gets EU leaders' green light
Europe 14:24

EU leaders have given the go-ahead for talks with Britain on its exit from the bloc to proceed to the next stage • Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says talks were constructive

Malta to keep best of relations with UK, Muscat tells May
Europe 14-12

The two heads of state held talks on the sidelines of an EU council summit in Brussels on Thursday

‘Total invention’: Malta PM dismisses claims of documents linking him to Panama company
National 13-12

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has insisted that there can exist no 'bona fide documents' linking him or his wife and family to a Panama company, following reports that MEPs had received such documents from a former Pilatus Bank employee

Environment groups pressure the government to enforce environment laws
National 13-12

BirdLife Malta says the enforcement of environmental laws has regressed, while CABS accuses police of ignoring reports

[WATCH] Labour Party will become the law and order movement, Muscat tells party faithful
National 10-12

People doing ‘whatever they want’ and a lack of reciprocal respect within communities will no longer be tolerated, said the Prime Minister

[WATCH] Malta PM denounces Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital
National 07-12

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said he fears that the decision by US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel could reignite tensions in the region and fuel extremism

Vote16: 'You will be making history,' PM tells students
National 07-12

'By 2019, when the country next votes in the European Parliament elections, you youngsters will be making history,' said Joseph Muscat

Feeding the online trolls
Blogs 05-12

Joseph Muscat repeatedly states, and is then echoed by his trolls on online news portals, that ‘let’s argue locally, but stick together abroad’. When someone says law-abiding citizens cant be expected to support corruption, Muscat screams 'traitors'

[WATCH] Caruana Galizia assassination: Ten arrested, Malta prime minister holds press conference
National 04-12

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announces the arrest of eight Maltese individuals in conjunction with the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia • Police searches underway in Marsa, Bugibba and other localities

Joseph Muscat: Business, jobs in Malta set for further growth
National 03-12

MEP delegation had made its mind up on Malta before it had even come here, Muscat maintained

Why 2019 can be make-or-break for either Joseph Muscat or Adrian Delia
National 01-12

LONG READ | Polls show Adrian Delia is failing to inspire trust and Joseph Muscat at an all-time high trust rating. This analysis looks at the fortunes of both leaders in the run-up to a crucial year of reckoning: the European and local council elections of 2019

Muscat, Mizzi and five others to be defendants in Busuttil Constitutional case
Court & Police 30-11

The seven public figures involved in the Panama appeals are to join in the constitutional suit filed by Simon Busuttil against the AG

Garnishee order against Caruana Galizia not withdrawn, despite proposed changes to law - Beppe Fenech Adami
National 28-11

Nationalist MP Beppe Fenech Adami said that while the proposed law increased freedom of expression, a cabinet minister had, only a few months ago, frozen the assets of a journalist who has since been killed

Government should not have to appeal for Opposition’s unity – Muscat
National 26-11

The Prime Minister again appealed for constructive dialogue while underlying his administration’s ‘holistic plan’ for social mobility

9 songs from the alternative playlist to the vomitorious ‘PM’s playlist’ by the Malta Philharmonic
Music 24-11

Be kind to your ears and stick it to the man with our alternative playlist

Updated | Muscat calls on financial services operators to help engage critics
National 23-11

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat insists Malta should not adopt a siege mentality despite all the criticism against the country's financial services sector

'Blame game will get us nowhere,' Carmel Cacopardo tells Prime Minister
National 21-11

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the government was committed to setting up a constitutional convention during a meeting with a delegation from Alternattiva Demokratika headed by chairperson Carmel Cacopardo

[WATCH] Visa system reform to make it easier for students, Joseph Muscat says
National 20-11

At the London School of Commerce in Floriana, the Prime Minister said the new system would make it easier for Malta to attract students from all over the world 

Muscat emphasises commitment to bring more investment, says people rejected negative politics
National 19-11

Prime Minister says people are telling the opposition to change its way of doing things, reiterates that he will keep striving to bring more jobs to Malta, although economy already forecast to keep growing

Government hits back at criticism over Egrant whistleblower arrest warrant
National 16-11

It stressed that arrest warrants were issued by the courts independently from the any other institution and that government was obliged to respect the rule of law

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